Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #139 - Dishonour Among Thieves

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] Behind The Scenes

  1. 139: Dishonour Among Thieves

[00:11] This week Mod Ollie and his crew of devious J-Mods prepare for the ultimate heist
[00:16] to take back the Stone of Jas.
[00:22] Listen up guys, this is how it's going to go down.
[00:25] The big boss Zamorak is in need of our help after he lost the Battle of Lumbridge.
[00:29] Missing Presumed Death upped the stakes.
[00:31] Now Sliske has the Stone of Jas - one of Gielinor's most powerful artifacts.
[00:36] The big boss needs it to increase his power again, so we're gonna plan a heist to steal it back.
[00:40] It's not gonna be easy.
[00:41] We need a team of the most powerful and cunning Zamorakian's we can get,
[00:44] and I know just the guys for the job.
[00:46] So who are these guys?
[00:48] Zamorak already has his most trusted allies on the case:
[00:50] Moia and Bilrach, but Sliske is a master of trickery and shadows.
[00:54] We need the best of the best.
[00:56] The Mahjarrat - General Khazard, Hazeel, Zemouregal and Enakhra.
[01:02] Nomad - who all my contacts tell me will be ideal for the heist.
[01:06] Jerrod - a werewolf whose actions have been well documented in Gielinor history.
[01:10] And Lord Daquarius - the leader of the Black Knights.
[01:13] But we're also going to need the world guardian. Who's resistant to God magic.
[01:17] What kind of world guardian do we need?
[01:19] We need someone who's completed Missing, Presumed Death and Hazeel Cult.
[01:22] Access to Morytania is a must.
[01:24] They need 30 thieving and 30 agility. And I'd recommend a combat level of 61.
[01:29] How dangerous are we talking?
[01:31] I'm not gonna sugar coat it, this is going to a dangerous mission.
[01:34] We'll need everyone's talents to get in there undetected.
[01:37] We're taking a stealthy approach, but if we get caught, we're not going down without a fight.
[01:41] The boss needs that Stone.
[01:43] But what are we getting out of it?
[01:45] As payment for your involvement you'll be rewarded handsomely.
[01:48] You'll get dungeoneering, agility and thieving XP as well as XP and loot chests you can swipe along the way.
[01:54] We'll kit you out in Jerrod's cape - which is great for thieving
[01:57] and an upgraded Sliske mask - which can summon undead creatures.
[02:00] It won't stop there either, there's a Hazeel bobble head, which you can add to your collection.
[02:04] So what happens when we've got the Stone?
[02:06] To tell you the truth, I don't know what's next What we're playing here could influence the course of history.
[02:12] It's up to you to decide how.
[02:15] We'll be back next week with Mod Mark to take a look at the updates coming to RuneScape in March!