Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #138 - GameBlast 2015 and Double XP Weekend!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 138: GAMEBLAST 2015

[00:11] Last year we opened the studio doors to 24 hours of hard-core gaming.
[00:16] GameBlast 2014 was a huge success and with your help we raised over £48,000
[00:22] for the incredible charity SpecialEffect.
[00:24] This week Behind the Scenes caught up with the guys over at SpecialEffect
[00:27] to find out how your support is helping to improve lives
[00:30] as we prepare for GameBlast 2015 and a double XP weekend.
[00:35] SpecialEffect are a charity that help people with physical disabilities
[00:39] to enjoy the kind of fun and the benefits of gaming that we all get from it.
[00:43] We match, we modify, we create equipment that will let them play
[00:47] to the very best of their abilities.
[00:48] We don't make anything, we don't sell anything
[00:51] and we don't charge anything for all our work.
[00:53] We just do it because we believe it's the right thing to do.
[00:56] Last year's GameBlast was fantastic.
[00:58] It's the first year we've run it so we didn't really know what to expect.
[01:01] Jagex were brilliant. They're absolutely fantastic.
[01:05] We are so grateful to all the RuneScape players and the RuneScape community
[01:09] for donating so much and putting so much time and effort into last year's event.
[01:14] Truly fantastic. Truly overwhelming.
[01:16] And it's helped us in so, so many ways.
[01:20] My name is Tom Clark.
[01:21] I've got SMA, which is Spinal Muscular Atrophy,
[01:25] and, because of that, my mobility is very drastically reduced.
[01:30] It's the first time I've been to SpecialEffect
[01:32] but they have been to my house a couple of times over the past two years.
[01:35] For years I've watched my mates play FIFA or any sort of first person shooters
[01:40] and it angered me the fact that they're doing it and I'm not.
[01:43] Because of what they've done I'm now able to not only play it,
[01:46] but I can compete with them on a level playing field.
[01:50] We've got so much more equipment here now that we can use
[01:53] to help people with physical disabilities to play games.
[01:55] We've got more people on the ground now that we can send out
[01:58] and we've also got more space here in the offices
[02:01] where people can come and play games as well.
[02:04] Thank you so much.
[02:06] You're wonderful. It's been truly fantastic.
[02:10] GameBlast 2015 will be running from Friday 20th February
[02:14] to Sunday the 22nd of February.
[02:17] We've got so much going on this year.
[02:19] There are tons of things happening here in the studio.
[02:22] So we've got Matt and Darren who you might remember from RuneFest.
[02:25] They're super excited about being here.
[02:27] We've also got Multiplay involved.
[02:29] They are coming down and they're gonna help us with the production of the stream.
[02:31] We're also really excited that Fraggers are joining us with their GamerBus.
[02:35] As well as them we've got Cooler Master coming in,
[02:38] who are gonna be giving away keyboards, mice and headsets to all you gamers.
[02:42] On top of all that we'll also be giving away are own giveaways.
[02:45] So we've got godswords, signed T-shirts, signed party hats
[02:49] but you have to be watching to win.
[02:53] This year we want to raise even more money, but we can't do that without your help.
[02:57] So you can jump into game and you can donate your items,
[03:00] gold and bonds straight into the Well of Goodwill.
[03:04] We'll convert that into cash and give it to SpecialEffect.
[03:07] You can also go to Solomon's Store and buy a really awesome outfit
[03:11] that's been created especially for GameBlast.
[03:14] On top of that, you can go to and donate directly.
[03:20] People around the world can get involved with GameBlast in so many ways.
[03:24] It's not just signing up to take part in a marathon.
[03:27] It doesn't have to be 24 hours, it might be 12.
[03:29] So, we just encourage people to do whatever they feel is best for them at their own convenience.
[03:35] It's going to be such a brilliant event.
[03:37] We're going to be there, we're really pumped up, we're really excited, and we can't wait.
[03:40] So, see you there.
[03:43] Next Friday is going to be huge.
[03:45] Tune into GameBlast over on the SpecialEffect channel from 12pm GMT
[03:49] which will also mark the start of the double XP weekend.
[03:53] And if that wasn't enough, BTS will be interrogating Mod Olli
[03:56] about a heist he may or may not be planning.