Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #137 - Wildywyrms, Demon Flash Mobs & Zamorak Heist

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week Mod Mark is here to talk us through the updates coming to RuneScape this February,
[00:16] including our newest quest 'Dishonor Amongst Thieves',
[00:18] combat improvements, demons and wyrms.
[00:22] I talked about it back at RuneFest 2014.
[00:26] A new quest all about Zamorak pulling together a crack team
[00:30] of his toughest, most cunning, dangerous followers
[00:33] to pull off an epic heist, the likes of which Gielinor has never seen before.
[00:39] A sequel to 'Missing, Presumed Death', this new quest,
[00:42] titled 'Dishonour Amongst Thieves' sees Zamorak
[00:46] and his most elite crew attempt to steal the stone of Jas
[00:49] from the clutches of the master of shadows, Sliske.
[00:53] Whether a fan of chaos or not, the chance of direct contact with Zamorak,
[00:57] Nomad and being part of the steal of the century
[01:01] is something not to be sniffed at.
[01:03] Unless you're a werewolf, of course. They sniff at everything.
[01:07] Expect the unexpected. And some pretty cool rewards.
[01:11] Demons need love too. So this month we're giving our demon flash mobs some well-deserved TLC.
[01:18] We've significantly improved their basic drop tables
[01:21] and included new tradeable title scrolls and new ingredients
[01:25] to make some fantastic summoning pouches
[01:27] containing ferocious new demonic familiars.
[01:31] The Wildywyrm first opened its toothy maw back in February 2011
[01:36] as a special holiday event and it's never left your thoughts despite its short lifespan.
[01:41] Keen to add more oomph to its home, we've brought it back permanently,
[01:46] meaner than ever and capable of dropping a range of new level 85 gear with unique special attacks
[01:52] and brand new ashes giving the best prayer XP available in the game.
[01:57] If you haven't heard of it before, it's a giant version of a Strykewyrm found only in the barrens of the Wilderness.
[02:04] She's also brought her smaller brothers, level 94 slayer targets known as Lava Stryke Wyrms.
[02:10] The Wildywyrm will spawn very rarely,
[02:13] although J-mods will be able to make them appear at will.
[02:18] Don't forget the Gameblast event and double XP weekend starting on 20th of February.
[02:23] We'll be livestreaming our 24 hour charity event at JAGEX HQ
[02:28] and you'll be able to join in by donating to the well of goodwill
[02:31] or taking part in your own charity events.
[02:34] The community team have plenty of events,
[02:36] competitions and madcap challenges planned,
[02:39] including adding a new Solomon's Store costume
[02:43] where 100% of the money gained goes straight to Special Effect,
[02:46] the charity behind the Gameblast event.
[02:50] The XP weekend lasts until the 23rd of February,
[02:53] so get your banks ready now for maximum return!
[02:56] We've also made a few welcome changes to combat
[02:59] suggested by you via the forums and our polls.
[03:03] For example, we're making a wide selection of monsters aggressive again
[03:06] and we've significantly improved combat responsiveness,
[03:10] allowing you to instantly trigger an attack
[03:12] when you use an ability, and change targets more easily.
[03:16] Revolution mode has also been improved
[03:18] and should now stop and start in a more responsive manner.
[03:22] Also look out for funky new valentines petals in game near Valentine's Day,
[03:26] some new wings and a great new Nomad Pack in Solomon's Store,
[03:30] featuring new walk animations and weapon overrides. Sweet!
[03:35] Also, don't forget about RuneLabs.
[03:37] You can add your support to your favourite ideas now.
[03:40] And why not get involved and create some of your own too?
[03:43] It's your chance to shape the future of the game.
[03:46] Have fun in February. Wooters out!
[03:49] We'll be back next week with the first episode of our new series on RuneLabs.