Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #136 - Player-owned Ports Expansion

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Raise the anchor! Hoist the main sail!
[00:14] This week we're sailing back to land
[00:15] for the latest update to player owned ports!
[00:19] The next update we have is an expansion for ports.
[00:21] It's our second expansion.
[00:23] And we've got a few new adventurers, new voyage types,
[00:27] some new building upgrades,
[00:28] the ability to use ports outside of ports
[00:30] and a whole bunch of fixes and tweaks
[00:33] that should improve the experience for everyone.
[00:35] This update has three new adventurers.
[00:37] We decided on their skills through a player power poll.
[00:40] The top three choices were Agility, Divination, and Dungeoneering.
[00:44] Once the skills had been decided,
[00:45] we had to try to come up with some characters to fit those,
[00:48] and we ended up with a strange bunch.
[00:50] The characters we have are the Tengu for Agility,
[00:53] who's a ghost hunter, a bit of a demon slayer and a prankster too.
[00:58] For Divination we have the Memory,
[01:00] who is a coalesced colony of Divination whisps that has gained sentience.
[01:06] And for Dungeoneering we have the Exile,
[01:08] who is a Gorajo who has some serious chips on her shoulders.
[01:12] We have a new voyage type with this update which we're calling clue voyages.
[01:15] These will be for the new adventurers and a few of the old ones too.
[01:19] And in these you'll send the adventurers out
[01:21] to track down clues to find a hidden location somewhere in Wushanko.
[01:25] These locations will offer some new and unique benefits within ports.
[01:29] With this update we've also enabled players to use terracotta and azure
[01:33] to upgrade some buildings within ports.
[01:35] We've got the bar, the workshop, the warehouse, the shipyard, all of those things.
[01:39] Some of the standouts are the portals. They look really good.
[01:43] And also we finally fixed the awning outside the bar.
[01:46] The environment artists have done a really nice job with the building interiors too,
[01:50] really running with the azure and terracotta themes.
[01:53] In this project we've got lots of amazing artwork.
[01:55] And we looked at how many models we needed to make.
[01:57] And we basically took the concept and then built the models from that.
[02:02] So one of the favourite things working on this project was modelling the azure portal.
[02:06] It was a very challenging shape to interpret from the concept.
[02:09] It looks really cool as a piece of 2D artwork,
[02:12] but the challenge is translating that into 3D.
[02:15] I thought it was quite a tough asset to model.
[02:19] Another interesting addition with this update is the ability
[02:22] to use the captains log wherever you are in the world to send out voyages.
[02:27] This means you don't have to leave what you're doing in order to play some ports.
[02:31] You will of course still need to visit your ports sometimes
[02:33] but we feel that this additional freedom
[02:36] will allow more players to engage with ports more often.
[02:39] We haven't just added new stuff for this update,
[02:42] we've also taken a look at ports as it was,
[02:44] and asked the players some of their most common issues and bug bares.
[02:48] We compiled a list and we've passed that off to the ninja team to take a look at.
[02:52] Early last year a forum thread was put up
[02:54] asking what kind of tweaks and changes you would like to see in ports.
[02:58] Some of the changes we've made have been things
[03:01] like allowing you to keep the same ship selected when you're moving between the interfaces.
[03:05] So, say you want to make a tweak to your ship
[03:07] but then add an effect and then come back to the ship.
[03:09] The same ship is selected when previously it wasn't.
[03:12] We've allowed you to stack your superior scrimshaws in your bank now if you haven't used them.
[03:17] We've made some changes to the black marketeer
[03:20] to make your life a little bit easier, especially if you're colour blind.
[03:23] And we've added some XP bars to the crew and captains
[03:27] to let you see just how much XP you need to get that next level for your crew member.
[03:31] And of course you can't have an update to ports without some new rewards.
[03:34] We've added a couple of new scrimshaws for fishing.
[03:37] We've added the Tengu outfit as a cosmetic reward that you can collect.
[03:42] But most importantly we've added some tier 85 dual wield weapons for magic and for melee.
[03:48] It's possibly my favourite part of the update
[03:50] because who wouldn't want some dual wield katanas.
[03:52] With the wide range of changes and additions we've made with this update
[03:55] there are plenty of reasons for players to return to port,
[03:58] but if you're one of those players who is yet to engage,
[04:01] the ability to use the captains log outside of ports is really freeing
[04:04] and we hope that you join everybody else.
[04:07] We'll be back next week to take a look at the biggest updates coming to RuneScape this February.