Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #134 - Drops Galore!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 134: DROPS GALORE

[00:11] This week we've got drops galore!
[00:13] Mod Deg is here with over one hundred updated drop tables
[00:16] and later on Chris L gives us a sneak peak
[00:19] of something brand spanking new, The Drop!
[00:22] Elementals have been changed to make many more of their drops worth picking up.
[00:26] A few more of them are noted than were before.
[00:28] And a lot of the junk has been removed from their drop tables.
[00:31] Elementals were the final winners of a series of player power polls on drop tables we ran last year.
[00:36] The affected Elementals include things like the fiends: Waterfiends, Pyrefiends and Icefiends,
[00:41] as well as other Elementals like Aquanites,
[00:44] Dust Devils, Jellies, Killerwatts and Ice Warriors.
[00:48] This is part of a series of updates to make slayer tasks more rewarding.
[00:52] The Elemental drop table isn't the only thing we've been working on.
[00:55] As many players are already aware,
[00:57] killing most of the monsters in the game gives them a small chance to get something from the rare drop table,
[01:01] but at the moment it's a little bit inconsistent.
[01:04] No longer will you have a chance of getting pitiful amounts of items
[01:07] such as silver ore or Snapdragon seeds,
[01:10] they've been replaced with more rewarding items like uncut gems and Lantadyme seeds.
[01:15] This change affects a great portion of monsters in the game,
[01:17] notably slayer monsters, but even demons,
[01:20] dragons, giants, and even more are included in these changes.
[01:23] We've made some great changes to make killing Elementals far more consistent
[01:27] and getting a rare far more exciting.
[01:30] The Drop is RuneScape's first in game trivia quiz show.
[01:33] Mod James will be hosting it with Mod Ana on the 18th of this month.
[01:36] So players can join and they will stand on these pits.
[01:38] A big trivia question will pop up and you select your answer,
[01:41] you go to the appropriate pit for your answer and then the wrong answers drop out.
[01:46] All of the survivors get to move onto the next round
[01:48] but you keep going on and on until we hit round fifty
[01:50] or if there's one winner, at which point we'll give them a prize.
[01:53] The initial idea actually came from Mod James.
[01:55] He approached me about wanting to do something live streamy,
[01:58] in game, trivia, quiz show, sort of fun hosting with prizes.
[02:02] Everyone in the RuneScape department has every other Thursday afternoon off,
[02:05] we call it TAPP: Thursday Afternoon Personal Project.
[02:07] And it's where you get to use that time to make something RuneScape related.
[02:11] We talked about the design and then I made it one Thursday afternoon.
[02:15] We'll be live streaming every episode of the drop that we play.
[02:17] When it occurs we'll be on the Twitch channel
[02:19] so by all means check that for information on the world and the actual location.
[02:22] When you get there, you'll see a little J-mod clone,
[02:24] you can right click quick join and you'll go into round one of the drop.
[02:27] When the first round starts, the little interface will pop up
[02:30] and you'll have the question and the possible answers.
[02:32] You've got about fifteen seconds to pick your answer.
[02:34] When that fifteen seconds runs out, everyone gets teleported to their positions.
[02:38] So, if I pick answer one I'll go to that platform,
[02:40] if you pick answer two, you'll go to that platform.
[02:42] And then, five seconds later, the drop happens
[02:45] where all of the wrong platforms snap away and everyone falls to the floor.
[02:48] If you got it right, you'll go to the next round in ten seconds.
[02:50] It just starts again and we have a new question.
[02:53] Mod James and the comm-dev team are currently lining up the prizes
[02:55] for the winner or winners of the first episode of The Drop.
[02:58] They'll be announced on the forums or on the first live stream,
[03:00] so tune in on the day to find out what they'll be.
[03:03] In a future episode of The Drop we'll turn on the second mode we've got,
[03:05] which is a million buy-in winner takes all.
[03:07] Up to five hundred people can play that mode
[03:08] so one lucky person might walk away with five hundred million gp.
[03:13] Don't forget there's still time to join this year's Premier Club
[03:15] for discounted monthly membership and all kinds of other added extras.
[03:19] Next week we'll be finding out more about one of the year's most exciting editions: RuneLabs!