Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #133 - Ports, boss pet and more

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 133: The Month Ahead: January

[00:11] Happy new year!
[00:12] And what better way to start 2015 than with Mod Mark giving us a rundown of the month's most exciting updates.
[00:20] Twenty six tiny versions of some of the game's most fearsome creatures?
[00:25] Yes, please!
[00:26] It's the biggest individual launch of pets we've ever made outside of Summoning,
[00:30] but these bad boys and girls are far more exclusive than normal.
[00:34] Each one is a rare drop, obtainable by killing their larger dangerous equivalents around the game.
[00:39] There's a huge range available, including a mini Nex, Araxxi and a fantastic looking tiny QBD.
[00:47] It's another great project built using your feedback
[00:50] and ideas supplied by the forums and via our dev blog.
[00:53] If you'd like to see them in action, check out the RSTV ninja stream back in December.
[01:00] We've also got a drop table rework planned,
[01:02] this time featuring Elementals and the Rare Drop Table,
[01:06] which is linked to hundreds of creatures around the game.
[01:08] Lots of the old, weirder drops will be removed,
[01:11] replaced with some far more useful items like bones, bars, uncut gems and potions.
[01:17] Creatures affected include Jellies, Dust Devils and Waterfiends just to mention a few.
[01:23] The wolf pack is back for its fifth outing, plaguing the Fremennik tribes once again
[01:28] with pointed teeth and blood curdling howls.
[01:31] They will only be here for a few weeks in January,
[01:34] so make sure you hunt them down and retrieve Eir's spear and helmet in the process.
[01:39] Large amounts of XP in a wide range of skills await,
[01:42] plus some pretty cool cosmetic items.
[01:45] Our main update this month is a huge expansion to the Player Owned Ports,
[01:49] determined by you in the hotly contested polls last year.
[01:53] You asked for Agility, Dungeoneering and Divination to be the dedicated skills,
[01:57] so you'll need level 90 in some of those skills to take part.
[02:00] Perhaps the best part of the update though is the ability to send voyages out
[02:05] without actually needing to return to your port,
[02:07] making it really easy to engage with ports whilst getting on with 'scapin'.
[02:11] There's a bunch of other smaller improvements too to really float your boat!
[02:16] For the first time we're also giving you access to building upgrades for the port itself,
[02:21] which look really awesome and can change your success chances on voyages.
[02:25] Keen to keep up with seasonal trends, Solomon's got a huge January sale planned,
[02:31] clearing lots of room out for his 2015 range.
[02:34] There's plenty of bargains to pick up
[02:36] and it may be your last chance to obtain some of his older offerings,
[02:40] as he will be removing them from his shop in February.
[02:43] The first part of his brand new range is the Warm Winter Outfit,
[02:47] designed to keep away nasty frosty chills.
[02:52] Finally, don't forget that we will be launching RuneLabs early next year,
[02:56] our great new way to take Player Power to the next level.
[02:59] You'll submit ideas via a brand new system,
[03:02] and those that get enough support from your fellow players will be reviewed by us
[03:06] and then, potentially, turned into real content in the game!
[03:10] Start thinking now and when the system goes live,
[03:13] you'll be ready to blow everyone away with your awesome ideas.
[03:17] We know that you've got concepts even better than ours
[03:20] and we can't wait to hear all about them.
[03:22] Happy new year and wooters out!
[03:26] We'll be back next week to delve into more RuneScape goodness!