Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #132 - The Best of RuneScape 2014

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 132: The Best of 2014

[00:11] With presents opened, crackers pulled and Santa back up North for another year,
[00:15] it seems like the perfect time to reflect
on this yearís biggest updates.
[00:21] Welcome to the Boxing Day Behind The Scenes!
[00:23] Theyíve bribed us with food to come talk
about the top 10 updates of the year
[00:26] so without further ado, letís get into number 10
which is Rune Improvements.
[00:31] Because we brought out a D&D, with that it wasnít just the rune values that changed,
[00:35] thatís the most consistently played D&D that weíve got
[00:39] other than people stamping on penguins, but thatís just a bit of fun.
[00:43] Itís not a formerly released piece of content that goes into most people's daily routine,
[00:47] I know for me it has, as you say, quite a lot of other people are doing it every day now, get those divination locations.
[00:53] In at number 9, we have a quest: Fate of the Gods.
[00:58] It was a massive change for us to do graphically.
[01:01] Yeah it was a huge graphical job!
[01:04] Going to a whole new planet, you had great fun doing that.
[01:08] It was like gloves off! It was fantastic we went absolutely crazy with it!
[01:11] And obviously there was the mystery of Zaros.
[01:13] You havenít seen him before, he is finally coming back.
[01:15] I like the iron man cut-scene, it was like 'boom boom'!
[01:20] I remember when all of the concept art started coming through
[01:22] and just seeing you knew it was going to be awesome, it was really good!
[01:25] I like just trying to stop Mark O, sorry Mod Mark, from revealing it at Runefest,
[01:29] you couldnít stop him he was going to show it at Runefest.
[01:33] For me, it wasnít just the quest, it came with associated content of ancient combat,
[01:38] elder divination, the Muspah slayer tasks afterwards.
[01:44] They were really popular as well.
[01:47] So there was a lot that came long as well with Freneskae.
[01:50] So, going for number 8 may be controversial, weíre going for Runefest.
[01:53] Not actually a game update, we're going for Runefest.
[01:56] -It was a good one.
-Best yet I think.
-Yeah it was good.
[02:00] Everybody kind of felt like, the Jmod challenges, for example,
[02:04] where youíre going up to talk to individual Jmods,
[02:06] and there was a reason to chat to them.
[02:08] You know youíve got to fist pump mod Ollie or talk to me about your favourite quest it was great.
[02:12] I had 'who would you kill in Runescape?',
[02:14] and I had players coming up saying 'Iím going to kill this person, oh no wait this person'.
[02:18] They put so much thought into it
[02:20] I was like 'I just need a name really and I would sign your waiver', but it was fun.
[02:27] The first year where you could get absolute anything just using bonds as well.
[02:30] Buying flights that was pretty special.
[02:34] Half of the tickets were bought with bonds
[02:36] and we had people flown over, got accommodation,
[02:39] got the tickets, brought all their food with their in-game wealth.
[02:43] Thatís an achievement, Iím very proud of that.
[02:45] Okay number 7, are we ready?
[02:47] I think Mod Chris L will like this. Itís Araxxor in at 7.
[02:52] -Should be higher?
-Number 1.
[02:54] It was fun to make. I really like the build up to it.
[02:57] Me and the guys from QA would tweet each week an extra screenshot
[03:02] a little bit more, a little bit more, it started with the most rubbish map you can imagine, grey tiles.
[03:06] They were like 'what's this going to be?'
[03:08] Slowly they got a spider, then all of this stuff,
[03:11] then we did a really big stream that topped Runefest, I think.
[03:16] Our most watched stream was the Araxxor preview,
[03:20] with the gigantic spider marauding across the Kharidian Desert
[03:23] and people transforming into smaller spiders across multiple worlds, that was fantastic.
[03:28] At number 6 is an update that killed more than Araxxor.
[03:32] It's Iron man mode.
[03:35] I think we were surprised by ultimateís just how popular it was.
[03:38] It was different for us as well. Most stuff this year has been generally poll driven,
[03:41] but this sneaked in from the side,
[03:44] 'itís really popular let's kind of have a go of doing it off schedule a bit'.
[03:51] We announced it and it got loads of interest
[03:53] and we realised that we have to take this more seriously
[03:55] we need to get it through development and get it into players' hands
[03:58] and I think itís the first time weíve done a beta in the live game,
[04:03] we had 150 people playing it.
[04:05] I still love seeing the death announcements of the hardcore ironman all the time.
[04:10] You see people nearly total level 2000 fighting, pking
[04:16] losing a PvP duel and losing their account, that is brave.
[04:22] All right, we are half-way through so, at number 5 we have:
[04:25] Gameblast and other charity events that happened this year.
[04:29] That was a pretty epic 24 hour stream.
[04:32] Gameblast was a trial but it was well worth it obviously, for Special Effect.
[04:37] It raised so much money, thanks so much to the players for it.
[04:41] I think it's nice with the Wishing Well as well
[04:43] people who have more in-game wealth than out of game
[04:47] and it's nice for them to be able to give something
[04:49] whereas they might not be able to otherwise. It's really cool.
[04:51] And credit where it's due with Gamesblast,
[04:54] there were some people who really threw themselves into it.
[04:56] There's Mod Alan with his ghost chillies and his waxing.
[05:01] -Ohh the ghost chillies.
-Yeah we can never unsee it.
[05:03] Okay, so in at number 4, we are getting pretty high now, is...
[05:06] Game Improvements and Ninja Fixes
[05:09] kind of Core Game Improvements, there you go number 4.
[05:12] Oh god my hat! I got so excited, itís gone.
[05:18] Yeah Ninjas are awesome thatís all Iíve got to say about this.
[05:22] A lot of people read the patch notes now which I think is a good thing.
[05:26] Some people say they read the patch notes
[05:28] before they read the main update now,
[05:30] which is quite nice.
[05:32] I canít imagine playing without presets now.
[05:35] It's funny how used you get to it that at that point youíre like:
[05:37] 'oh my god, finally this update, I can have my aura'
[05:40] where actually it's already so much easier so much slicker,
[05:42] and nicer to use but within a week I was like everyone else:
[05:46] 'Oh my god, Iíve got an aura on why canítÖ'
[05:48] It is weird each week we put a few fixes out,
[05:52] and you might think oh itís a couple of fixes,
[05:54] over the year if you look at the actual things that have changed
[05:56] it's actually quite substantial.
[05:58] We should roll it back and see what happens.
[06:00] So, talking about fixes I think there has been a fix
[06:03] because number 3 is The Elf City.
[06:06] Number 3? It's not number 1?
[06:09] I know, I know, Iím devastated.
[06:12] Cause I talked to Mod Elfborne and he assured me that it's at least number 2.
[06:15] Yeah, he is one to bribe.
[06:20] -Chocolate bread and...
-bacon mound,
[06:24] there it is his secret is out.
[06:26] But yeah it's kind of the whole year because January was the poll for Elf City.
[06:32] It was really close to think what this year
would have been with inventor obviously.
[06:36] For me the design docs where almost as big a thing as elf city
[06:40] that was massive I have never seen anyone do that before.
[06:43] That was a lot of work.
[06:46] I donít know how you work out
[06:48] ëdoes that stack up in terms of was it worth it?í,
[06:50] but it was amazing, itís unique.
[06:52] I think thatís something we have started doing a lot with every project
[06:55] being more open with the community with what we are going to do
[06:58] and accepting their changes before release and stuff like that
[07:01] I think elf city was the start of that.
[07:04] It was a massive hub that players have a huge amount of content,
[07:07] you see all sorts of skills getting trained there,
[07:09] but it's also not the only thing that they do
[07:12] you see people doing things, launching off,
[07:14] even the really good quality of life elements to it like the portals,
[07:20] that means they can be a springboard to do other things, thatís good.
[07:24] So you can probably guess whatís number 2 if Elf City is Number 3...
It's Elf City Batch 2!
[07:32] No, it's Revolution and Legacy modes.
[07:35] The new combat modes of course.
[07:37] A year later most players are using one of those 2 modes from where we were before
[07:41] so I think that shows a really big change in the way people go about combat.
[07:45] Did anyone anticipate the effect that this was going to have?
[07:47] -We had fairly high hopes for it I think.
-We knew it was going to do well.
[07:51] We had a lot of traction on the forum thread,
[07:53] I put together a prototype and we polished it up,
[07:55] it was pre-legacy and already with that initial release, loads of people were on it.
[08:00] Then I worked on ability queuing and it changed it all,
people used it as a good stepping stone into it.
[08:07] That learning difficulty they had before really helped them get into it
[08:10] and then Legacy brings people back and then you have that stepping stone in.
[08:14] Full combat is next on my list when I start bossing.
[08:19] All right, that brings us to number 1 drum roll, go on....
[08:26] Itís Player Power.
[08:28] It had to be really.
[08:30] Go on champion it Player Power, it has been a great year for it.
[08:33] Yeah, it's been a big change in how we have worked.
[08:35] What we wanted to do is give players much more control over what we did
[08:41] and I think we have done pretty well we worked it out
when we counted them the other day
[08:45] day it's like we did so far this year 20 guaranteed content polls using the old pylon for things
[08:51] and there has been 30 more for what the detail of what the content will be
[08:55] and you look back over what we have released this year
[08:59] the vast majority has been chosen and shaped by the players and I am really proud of that.
[09:03] Something I really like about polls is that when you read the forums you get opinions
[09:08] but itís a small subset of players when you have a poll you get so many players giving their opinion.
[09:13] It's so useful to know the majority vote.
[09:16] 10 million votes and counting.
[09:18] -Wow.
[09:21] I was going to say Elf City I was expecting probably number 1
[09:26] but you think when you say Player Power over the rest of the top 10 that we talk about
[09:32] it does cut into almost everything we have done.
[09:35] I think for me that is the beauty of Runescape is how rich that mix is
[09:40] you donít you start off thinking what physical content what bit of Gielinor did I like best this year
[09:46] but it's not necessarily about that thereís not a bit of Gielinor thatís combat mode
[09:52] and thereís not bit of Gielinor thatís Player Power, itís everything, itís good stuff.
[09:57] There you have it thatís are top 10 do you agree? Of course you donít!
[10:02] Get on the polls and vote yourselves and the forums to vote what you really liked this year
[10:07] and all thereís left to do is say Happy Boxing day and Happy New Year to everyone.
[10:12] -Happy New Year!
[10:20] Next week Mod Mark lifts the lid on some of January's biggest updates
[10:23] including a huge Player Owned Ports expansion.