Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #131 - Vampyres vs. Floor 61, You Decide!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 131: Vampyres vs Floor 61

[00:11] Polls, polls, polls!
[00:14] Over to Mod Osborne with the details.
[00:16] Back in January we released the first Player Power Poll, and it was a biggie.
[00:21] The Elf City was victorious and thanks to you it's one of the largest and most popular cities in RuneScape.
[00:26] Since then we've had over 9 and a half million votes cast.
[00:30] You've helped to launch Legacy Combat mode, a new combat boss,
[00:33] and you overwhelmingly requested reworks to skill capes.
[00:37] Your feedback and ideas will be even more important next year
[00:40] with the launch of RuneLabs,
[00:41] but before then we wanted to the end the year as we started,
[00:44] with a big decision for you to make.
[00:46] We offer two of the most anticipated storylines
[00:49] and you get to decide which one we work on in the new year.
[00:52] Will it be Vampyres or Floor 61 of Daemenoheim.
[00:57] The sixth Myreque quest will be the penultimate episode in the storyline,
[01:01] and the most exciting installment so far!
[01:03] This time, you'll be taking the fight directly to Drakan himself,
[01:07] facing the vampyric overlord in a battle of epic proportion!
[01:10] This ancient and powerful leader will be your strongest blood-sucking foe so far,
[01:15] so you'll need to be prepared.
[01:17] You will train alongside Vanescula, using her insider knowledge
[01:21] to learn how to take down her brother.
[01:22] You will see Safalaan's return, and uncover his true potential,
[01:26] and you'll discover the truth about the young Myreque member, Ivan Strom.
[01:30] When ready, you will return to Darkmeyer,
[01:33] infiltrating their ranks once again to reach the infamous castle.
[01:36] Once inside, who knows what will happen!
[01:40] The sixth installment of the Myreque series promises to be full of uncovered secrets,
[01:44] shocking twists and arduous battle.
[01:47] It has been three years since the last quest.
[01:49] It's about time you brought the fight to the vampyres again!
[01:54] Forget Vampyres, overgrown ticks with sharp pointed teeth,
[01:58] it's all about discovering what lies beneath Daemonheim.
[02:01] Remember that strange power, an event that affected every player across Gielinor?
[02:06] Do you wonder about its origins?
[02:08] Theorize about what it could mean?
[02:10] Well, Floor 61 is your chance to discover its source
[02:13] as well as a multitude of other secrets.
[02:15] Floor 61 will be presented as a multiple character saga
[02:19] interweaving between the stories of all the characters involved.
[02:22] Smash things to pieces as the mighty Thok,
[02:24] weave your web of intrigue as the mysterious Bilrach,
[02:27] unleash Moia's true potential
[02:30] and then take control of one of RuneScape's most memorable characters
[02:35] as you rise once more to reclaim your dominion.
[02:39] Finally, after you have witnessed this tremendous event,
[02:42] you will have floor 61 added to your list of Dungeoneering floors,
[02:44] for you to run and claim additional rewards.
[02:47] Floor 61 will be an epic story
[02:49] revealing one of the greatest mysteries in Runescape.
[02:51] Why settle for a few fangs, when you can discover real power?
[02:58] So there you have it!
[02:59] The poll is live now and will be up for the next two weeks.
[03:02] And it may not be an easy choice,
[03:04] but we'll send the Vampyers after you if you don't vote at all.
[03:07] It's business as usual next week when we'll be dragging some of your favourite J-Mods
[03:11] back into the office for some Christmas grub,
[03:13] and to talk about their favourite updates of the last 12 months.