Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #130 - Christmas Time!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week Mod Chris L is on a slippery slope as we take a look
[00:14] at the festive antics going on in the Lumbridge crater.
[00:18] For Christmas in RuneScape this year, we've done a few things already.
[00:21] One of those is Santa's present delivery service,
[00:23] where you pick an NPC and you deliver a present.
[00:25] And, in return, they give you a bit of cracker paper.
[00:27] You take that back to Santa in Lumbridge
[00:29] and he'll assemble a giant cracker.
[00:31] When the community as a whole has done enough deliveries to build a cracker,
[00:34] you can pull it and there is a unique emote and some silly jokes we've put in there as well.
[00:38] In Varrock you've also got the Tinsel train which runs every three hours
[00:41] and you get little tinsel train followers that look like sparkles from a previous event.
[00:45] And when you've got ten of them following you, you can hand them in for extra currency.
[00:48] The currency from all of this stuff can be used to unlock the new snowman outfit,
[00:51] which is a pretty awesome-looking evil snowman
[00:53] which looks like the snowverload boss
[00:55] which also spawns every three hours in a random location.
[00:57] He does all sorts of festive related attacks
[00:59] and you take him back down to Santa, who finishes him off.
[01:02] And, if you've delivered a present today, he'll let you deliver another one.
[01:06] The final thing we've got to add for Christmas
[01:07] is the snowboarding update which is going to hit next week.
[01:09] Basically, it starts with a little mini-quest for the Queen of Snow.
[01:13] You go off just melting some Ice Elementals for her around the world and she'll give you the bronze snowboard as a reward.
[01:18] You can then take that to the ramps or our new grind rail in Lumbridge crater
[01:21] and you basically collect presents on the way down the ramp
[01:24] and you sort of bank on how much energy you're going to get. And that allows you to perform tricks.
[01:28] And the more tricks you pull off successfully,
[01:30] the more rep and stuff you gain.
[01:32] And you can level up your board to rune.
[01:33] And then, when you've maxed out a rune snowboard, you can choose a custom unlock
[01:36] which the graphics guys had fun designing.
[01:39] Over the festive period we've been getting involved in game
[01:41] with all the different events and updates that have been happening.
[01:44] So, next week we've got a live stream with Mod Kalaya and Mod Infinity showing the new snowboarding event,
[01:49] we've got a skill and chill session with Mod Jon
[01:51] as well as a Kirin pet parade and a JMod Christmas Party.
[01:54] It should be a lot of fun. It would be nice if you could join us.
[01:57] Like normal RuneScape Christmas events, we'll probably be removing this early January,
[02:00] but you'll still have plenty of time to get involved up until that point.
[02:03] At that point, if you haven't managed to get involved in a cracker pull,
[02:06] even though the CM are going to be running a lot of events over the course of December,
[02:08] you'll retroactively get the cracker emote in January when we remove it,
[02:12] if you've delivered a bit of cracker paper to Santa.
[02:16] There's no real requirements to get involved with any of the events.
[02:18] Free-to-play can do both the present delivery and the snowboarding when it comes out.
[02:22] Members can obviously do everything.
[02:23] Players should take part in this year's Christmas events because we've got a lot of stuff going on.
[02:27] We've already taken some player feedback to make some of it more frequent
[02:30] so you can get involved even easier.
[02:32] And there's some great-looking rewards,
some ridiculous-looking rewards,
[02:34] and obviously we've got some unique gameplay mechanics.
[02:36] And the snowboarding, which looks really awesome when everyone's doing it all together
[02:39] with all the flips and stuff going on.
[02:42] Over the last twelve months we've polled everything in Runescape, so why stop now!
[02:46] Next week Mods Raven and Ana will be here
[02:49] to break the news on two very interesting potential updates.