Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #12 - Some Like it Cold!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] Behind The Scenes:
Some Like It Cold
[00:06] Welcome to another edition of Runescape:
Behind the Scenes.
[00:09] This week, we're taking a closer look at
the upcoming quest, Some Like it Cold.
[00:13] Paul M caught up with Senior Narrative Designer,
Mod Osborne, to get the latest insider information.
[00:19] Luckily for us, he got slightly more
than he bargained for.
[00:22] Here's what happened...
[00:24] Paul M: So Mod Osbourne, Some Like it Cold.
[00:26] what can you tell us about the third installment
in this quest series?
[00:29] Mod Osbourne: Er.. well, I won't be able to tell
you anything until you follow our house rules
[00:34] which is to wear a penguin suit
(when you're talking about penguins).
[00:38] So erm... I've got you one here.
[00:46] MO: So, Some Like it Cold is just your
traditional quest really -
[00:49] a bit of rock and roll, cross dressing
and prison breaking.
[00:52] You'v e got to go into a Prisoner of Walrus Camp
or a POW camp to rescue...
[00:56] PM: "Prisoner of Walrus"? nice!
[00:57] MO: ...yes that's it, with some Navy Seals
who are looking after them.
[00:59] To do that you have to take Ping and Ping
with you and perform a rock show
[01:03] and under the guise of that rock show,
you're going to be escaping by the end.
[01:07] PM: So, Hunt for Red Raktuber, Some like it Cold;
[01:11] what's the deal with film parody titles?
[01:14] MO: It seemed suitable, I mean all the penguin
quests are very referential...
[01:20] they er... take the mickey out of other films and games
[01:24] and so in the first one we went for a sort of spy
thriller, in the second we went for submarines,
[01:28] and this one, because we're talking about somebody
being captured why not go for a prison break?
[01:31] so that's the theme we've gone for with this one
which is very much a Prison Break/Shawshank/
Great Escape theme.
[01:36] PM: It's a pretty mad storyline, how do you
know that you're not pushing it too far?
[01:40] How do you make sure that you keep it
within the realm of RuneScape?
[01:42] MO: What I like is Mod Nancy's reaction to this
question which is that she talks to her mum
[01:47] and if her mum laughs, then, it's alright!
[01:51] and so we aim for Nancy's mum
whenever we make Penguins come to life.
[01:54] PM: So, Ping and Pong are back again but this time
there's something different about them
[01:58] and they're looking a bit more 'rock'.
What can you tell us about that?
[02:01] MO: Yeah, we've given some concept
art of these before.
[02:04] There's one dressed up as possibly, somebody
from Queen and somebody from Kiss.
[02:08] We really liked the idea of them being
international rock stars
[02:13] so that's a big thing at the start of the quest
[02:15] and when we gave it to the concept artist we asked
them to do something fun, something visual and
something iconic.
[02:20] and they came back with those!
[02:22] What i really like with the Kiss reference, the Gene
Simmons reference, is that Kiss were very black
and white,
[02:27] penguins are very black and white, it kinda works!
[02:30] PM: So there are Navy Seals in the quest -
are they to be trusted?
[02:32] MO: well it depends who you are.
If you're a penguin, like yourself,
[02:35] then you may well get eaten by a seal,
they are enemies.
[02:38] Seals are generally just interested in being
entertained and balancing balls
on their heads.
[02:43] PM: So it's a three parter this quest, when you wrote
part one, did you know there was going to be a part 3
[02:47] or did you kind of make part 1 and then
think "actually, that's gone down really well,
I'll make part 2 and then part 3"
[02:51] or how does that work?
MO: That was certainly the case with the first one.
[02:53] We weren't sure how well people would react
to something as farcical as the first one
[02:57] but with the second and third we were really thinking
that penguins are probably the only quest
that can keep going forever.
[03:03] PM: It wouldn't be a quest unless we have
some decent rewards at the end of it
[03:07] and i know i've had few questions on Twitter
about that as well
[03:09] so what can you tell us about the rewards.
I imagine you probably don't want to give
everything away
[03:13] but like I said, it's Behind the Scenes so give us a hint.
[03:16] MO: I'm hoping we've pleased people
who are really after their rewards.
[03:19] We've got an extension to the Penguin Hide
and Seek which is obviously really popular
[03:24] so really canny penguin spotters will be
able to find an additional penguin.
[03:30] but we've also got a addition to the circus
which is another Mod Nancy distraction and diversion
[03:34] and that's going to be thieving oriented.
[03:37] PM: What sort of puzzles are we going to see in there?
[03:39] MO: Well, I'd like to keep some back in terms
of a surprise but ...
[03:42] PM: this is Behind the Scenes!
[03:43] MO: .. This is Behind the Scenes but
there's one in particular that I do like.
[03:47] We've got a version of battleships in which
all of the pieces are replaced with fish
[03:52] and that's it, your aim is to destroy
everyone else's fish.
[03:56] PM: So, is there going to be an episode 4?
[03:58] MO: Absolutely! of course. there's still
stories to be told.
[04:01] I think Larry's still got to have an ending.
[04:03] And a lot of people are after "Asheron",
which may take a bit of time
[04:06] but I think the penguins are going to still keep trying.
[04:09] PM: Cool man, well thank you very much
for taking the time to talk to us...
[04:13] shake my flipper ... and can I go
get out of this now?
[04:17] Although I am kind of getting into it now.
I might stay in it for a while.
[04:20] MO: Watch out for toilet breaks!
[04:21] And that's all from Behind the Scenes this week.
[04:24] Next week find out what the Clan Avatar
will do for you, your clan and your XP rates.