Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #129 - Dominion Tower Rumble Mode + New Bosses!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 129: Dominion Tower Update

[00:11] So you think you're pretty tough and the Dominion Tower doesn't hold much of a challenge?
[00:15] How about fighting 10 bosses at the same time?
[00:19] This week Mods Wilson and Tim bring on the beasties!
[00:23] In brief the Dominion Tower is being updated with a whole new game mode and a dozen new bosses,
[00:28] along with a quick rework of the rewards that you get for killing them.
[00:32] For those that don't know, the Dominion Tower is a minigame set out in the desert near Al Kharid
[00:36] where you can refight bosses from quests in order to gain experience and item rewards.
[00:41] Rumble mode is a new up to 5 man minigame within the Dominion Tower itself,
[00:45] you go out on the roof with a bunch of your friends and you'll fight continuous waves of bosses,
[00:50] there can be up to 10 bosses at a time depending on the number of people that you enter with
[00:54] and you'll gain large amounts of Dominion factor depending on which bosses spawn
[00:58] so you could have any one from the list of Dominion Tower bosses
[01:02] just attacking you continuously while you're up there.
[01:05] The Dominion Tower has been around for quite a while and hasn't had an update and
[01:08] in the mean time we've released a lot of iconic bosses that we think players will enjoy fighting against again.
[01:12] We also need to review the rewards and bring them up to standard with the rest of the game.
[01:18] In terms of rewards that you can get from the tower
[01:20] you can currently get things such as medallions which increase your stats while you're in the tower,
[01:24] allows you to teleport there daily and we're adding a new layer to those amulets called the extreme amulet
[01:29] which allows more teleports as well as a universal accuracy buff for all of your attacks.
[01:34] There are also Dominion Markers, which increase your stats against certain bosses.
[01:38] We've removed the restriction on those so they will increase your stats against anything that you're fighting.
[01:42] We've also increased the level by which they will increase your stats to be in line with
[01:46] various other boosts that have been introduced since Dominion Tower came out.
[01:49] Dreadnips will also now attack in ranged and magic and have been given
[01:54] the same kind of NPC AI improvement as familiars in the recent summoning update.
[02:00] The requirements to take part in the Dominion Tower are quite simply a combat level of 110
[02:05] and having completed at least 20 quests for which the bosses from which feature in the Dominion Tower.
[02:11] If you actually head into the Tower you will be given a list of which those quests are.
[02:15] If you're wondering why you should check out the Dominion Tower,
[02:18] there's already so many things that are there for you to get involved in.
[02:22] So many challenges and so many different modes and masses of rewards by now
[02:26] especially with the ones that we've added.
[02:28] But also we've now added this Rumble mode which is a perfect opportunity for you to grab your mates,
[02:33] set yourself your own challenges, share it up on Twitch
[02:37] or YouTube and just really make good fun of it.
[02:39] It's something that we've certainly enjoyed playing around the office so we hope you will too.
[02:44] Next week we'll be getting gnarly and radical as we kick off this years Christmas event.
[02:49] Anybody up for a spot of snowboarding?