Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #128 - December Updates Coming to RuneScape

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week Mod Mark and a very special guest tell us what's in store
[00:14] for the most festive month of the year.
[00:16] Any guesses who the special guest might be?
[00:20] The first thing I'd like to present to you this month is the new elf task set,
[00:24] focused around the elf lands, the underground pass,
[00:27] the poison wastes, the sewers,
[00:28] the temple of light and the death altar.
[00:31] There's 54 tasks in all, covering a wide range of skills.
[00:34] Rewards include the 3 winning ideas from the recent poll
[00:38] and a brand new ammo slot item that's useful for all combat styles.
[00:42] There's a new mushroom patch and some upgrades for your crystal bow and shields.
[00:47] We've also been busy updating the Dominion Tower,
[00:50] expanding its lofty halls to include a raft of quest bosses released over the past few years.
[00:56] The main update is the new Rumble Mode,
[00:58] allowing groups of up to 5 people to make their way to the roof of the tower
[01:03] and battle those boss monsters in large groups,
[01:06] using special new power-ups and earning more dominion factor
[01:10] to spend on the tower's updated rewards.
[01:12] As most of you know, for the past few years
[01:15] we've given you the chance to join our Premier Club,
[01:17] a fantastic way to save big bucks on your membership
[01:20] and gain some pretty tasty goodies at the same time.
[01:24] This year we've really gone big with those unique gifts,
[01:27] spread across each of the bronze, silver and gold tiers of Premier Club available.
[01:31] You can even upgrade your tiers using bonds,
[01:34] saving you even more cash.
[01:36] All our members will get access to the special festive aura again this year,
[01:40] which gives double XP for half an hour every day.
[01:43] In addition, over the whole of December we've lined up some special weekends
[01:47] to help out with all your training needs.
[01:49] Each weekend has a special theme, starting with a skiller weekend.
[01:53] With things like additional rewards for Artisans Workshop,
[01:56] Runespan and increased chances for enriched wisps in Divination,
[02:01] amongst many other featured bits of content.
[02:04] The minigame weekend gives double rewards
[02:06] for loads of minigames including Castle Wars and Pest Control.
[02:10] The Dungeoneering weekend gives additional XP
[02:12] for all your Dungeoneering adventures and reduced costs in the shop.
[02:16] And the final weekend, the boss and slayer weekend, gives double drops
[02:20] on a wide range of bosses and increased slayer XP.
[02:24] And now, a special guest to tell you all about RuneScape's Christmas updates.
[02:29] It's Santa!
[02:31] Come in Santa! Come on!
[02:33] Thank you Mod Mark, you are a good little boy!
[02:36] Here, have some presents!
[02:40] Hello, boys and girls!
[02:42] This year is all about festive cheer.
[02:46] In fact, you'll be earning festive cheer
[02:48] to buy a fantastic new snowman outfit to wear
[02:52] while spreading peace and joy across RuneScape.
[02:56] Firstly, I'll be asking you to help deliver my Christmas deliveries,
[03:01] taking presents to all the good little characters over RuneScape.
[03:05] You'll also earn cracker paper,
[03:07] which you can use to build the giant cracker
[03:11] that will be sat next to me in the Lumbridge crater.
[03:14] The second update this Christmas is the Snoverload boss!
[03:18] Take on his huge array of festive attacks
[03:22] and witness Snoverload make RuneScape go all snowy.
[03:27] Move him to the crater and I'll help finish him off!
[03:31] Yes!
[03:33] The last update is something the boys and girls at Jagex are very excited about.
[03:38] Apparently, everybody will be "shredding the gnar".
[03:42] Things will be both getting gnarly and radical
[03:46] as fellow peeps will be busting fat tricks down a huge booter.
[03:51] It's all something to do with snowboarding, you see.
[03:54] Awesome!
[03:57] I've even supplied some special Christmas tradeable rares
[04:01] for those people over at Treasure Hunter,
[04:03] so look out for those too.
[04:05] See you on Christmas Eve
[04:07] in a special new Jagex Christmas video
[04:10] for a bonus laugh this holiday.
[04:13] Wooters out!
[04:18] We'll be back next week to take a deeper look
[04:19] at the updates coming to the Dominion Tower.
[04:33] Four Winter weekends,
[04:34] three Christmas updates,
[04:36] two other things,
[04:37] and a shiny new Premier Club.