Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #127 - Heart of Stone

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] prepare yourselves as we delve deep into
[00:13] the unknown Maud Raven gives us the
[00:15] lowdown on the Elder God quest heart of
[00:17] stone a while back players got to vote
[00:21] between a couple of questions and the
[00:23] one they chose was the Elder Gods
[00:25] storyline so we pulled it to the players
[00:27] see kind of what they wanted from this
[00:28] and they didn't want to suddenly faced
[00:30] an elder God doesn't he deal with nella
[00:32] God appearing going look at me so we
[00:35] instead one do a quest that was more
[00:36] spread out more subtle in revealing the
[00:39] Elder Gods so what we've done is we have
[00:41] stroy line that is separate from the
[00:44] Elder Gods that then starts to tie into
[00:46] the Elder Gods storyline so in this the
[00:47] players will be helping arianne to track
[00:49] down a signature hero gone rogue who is
[00:51] using a teleportation technique that
[00:53] they do not recognize so the player will
[00:55] be working with a new MPC which is the
[00:57] awesome track of autumn and they'll be
[00:59] tracking them down across the world
[01:00] learning little bits about the other god
[01:02] as they go along and learning what
[01:04] terrifying scheme this signature hero
[01:06] turned rogue is now using so the quest
[01:09] consists of a number of new puzzles and
[01:11] puzzle mechanics including a couple of
[01:13] combat puzzles which should be something
[01:15] the players haven't dealt with before we
[01:17] also have the main puzzle you'll be
[01:18] interacting with is a track interface
[01:20] puzzle which is series of rotating disks
[01:23] to try and align things with a certain
[01:24] frequency which should be an interesting
[01:26] puzzle for those who like logical
[01:28] deduction so there is a fair bit of
[01:30] combat on the quest and certainly some
[01:32] of the combat challenges you will need
[01:34] to be prepared for certainly remember to
[01:35] bring food you will need it but you
[01:38] won't need to have like max level gear
[01:40] it is a intermediate level quests and so
[01:42] if your combat skills are intermediate
[01:44] level you should be
[01:45] this is a law heavy quest certainly it
[01:48] is law heavy from the terms of studying
[01:50] the Elder God at least the starting
[01:52] point of the Elder Gods Troy line we're
[01:55] trying to make it so that you can learn
[01:57] more you already interested in the law
[01:58] but if you're not buying some more than
[02:00] you can get through it without having to
[02:02] read up all of that to start this quest
[02:04] you'll need to have 35 magic 25
[02:06] runecrafting and I've completed
[02:07] carnelian rising and rune memories then
[02:10] if you head to the wizard's tower
[02:11] preferably along the bridge you will see
[02:13] where the quest start is it should be
[02:15] fairly obvious fell quickly people
[02:17] should play this quest because it's the
[02:19] first of the older gold storyline so you
[02:21] will need it to do any of the other
[02:22] quests coming after it you'll get a
[02:24] bunch of juicy law you'll be able to see
[02:27] a NPC character developed based on your
[02:29] choices and also there are rewards
[02:31] there's XP and there's a cool new pet at
[02:33] the end of it this quest is cool we'll
[02:38] be back next week to take a sneaky peek
[02:40] at the treats coming to runescape in
[02:41] December mmm I can smell Christmas
[02:52] you