Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #126 - Treasure Trails Expansion

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The scenes

  1. 126: Treasure Trails

[00:11] Grab your maps, compass's and spades; it's time to get adventurous
[00:15] as Mod Chris L finds a clue scroll of his own for this weeks treasure trail update.
[00:21] This week we've made an update to treasure trails, so we've introduced new clue scrolls, new rewards and also new systems.
[00:26] If you don't know what treasure trails are, it's sort of like a semi mini game
[00:29] so you get like a clue scroll from monster killing, PVM in general, the elf city has a lot of them
[00:35] as well as just like pickpocketing and things like that.
[00:37] When you've got a clue scroll you can follow the treasure trail, which includes
[00:40] combat challenges, anagrams, coordinate puzzles, all that sort of thing.
[00:43] And then when you've completed it you get the rewards at the end, which is what we've updated.
[00:47] The main changes we've made to existing treasure trails are more mechanical
[00:50] so previously there's like sliding puzzle boxes and they're quite time consuming
[00:54] and some people actually have a problem doing them.
[00:55] We've introduced new items and systems that allow you to skip these and they are also a reward from the clue scrolls
[01:01] so if you do clue scrolls and you are good at them you can sell those rewards to people that aren't as good or want to do them quicker.
[01:07] We've also introduced a reroll system so if you're getting bad luck constantly
[01:11] you can actually reroll your entire rewards for hopefully better ones.
[01:15] We've got an awesome variety of rewards in this clue scroll update,
[01:17] they sort of vary from lots of cosmetic things like briefcases, exploding barrels on your back, axes thrown in your back
[01:23] and we've also got the new prestigious dyes that obviously people are getting excited about.
[01:27] They come in three colour schemes that can get applied to level 90 gear, so that's your weapons and armour,
[01:32] they come in barrows which is the green sort of camo look,
[01:34] the shadow which is the black and animated purple rise of the six look
[01:39] and then the third age which is really rare and really prestigious and it's the white navy look
[01:43] that people know and associate with the clue scroll stuff that we have so far.
[01:45] The dyes can be obtained from hard and elite clue scrolls.
[01:48] The hard ones will give you a shot at barrows and shadow and if you want third age you're going to need to do elite.
[01:53] Elites will also give you barrows and shadow at a better rate but they are slower and harder to obtain.
[01:56] However all of the other tiers have new items like skippers, a better quality of rewards in general.
[02:02] To decide on the rewards we wanted to add to this update, we started on the results of the player power poll.
[02:05] We decided that it wasn't enough and that's when we thought about the dyes and recolouring the highest level armour in the game.
[02:10] And when we saw the result from the models that our graphics made we knew we were onto a winner.
[02:15] You should get involved with this update because it streamlines the process,
[02:18] if you haven't done a clue scroll for a while you can get new items that will make them quicker,
[02:21] you can reroll your rewards if you're really down on your luck,
[02:23] and if you are lucky you can really make a lot of money.
[02:27] Next week we'll be taking a look into origins of Gielinor as we delve deep into the mysteries of the Elder Gods.