Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #125 - Elf City Batch 2 Q&A

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 125: ELF CITY PART 2 Q&A

[00:11] This week mod James shoots your question at the team behind batch two of the Elven City.
[00:17] Hi guys. I'm mod James and today I'm lucky enough to sit down with some of the mods behind batch 2 of the Elf City.
[00:22] So, question number one coming in from Elf Carantir.
[00:26] What changes have been made to part one of the city after feedback?
[00:29] Lots of little things. Like, you can replay the entrance cutscene,
[00:32] there's a well been added to the Crewys area,
[00:36] the Imcando pickaxe will now incinerate corrupted ore.
[00:40] Lots of little stuff.
[00:41] Miu asks what farming patches will be in part 2 of the city?
[00:44] So, there's an existing farming patch type, which is the fruit tree patch.
[00:48] There are also four new farming patches, which do something a little bit different to your traditional farming.
[00:54] So they're called Harmony pillars. They're massive stone obelisks that are in the ground.
[00:59] You collect moss seeds and you plant the moss at the base of the pillar.
[01:03] And then the moss grows as you gain experience in other skills.
[01:08] So, you rake the patch and it may be a smithing patch, for example. So you plant your seed there
[01:13] and as you get smithing xp, the moss grows up the pillar and then when it reaches the cap you harvest it
[01:19] and you get some moss out of it, which is used to make potions.
[01:22] Ryun Stark asks what has been the biggest challenge when adapting the Elf City concept into reality?
[01:28] I think the biggest challenge, apart from the fact that the city is so big, it is one of the largest areas we've done,
[01:35] but the biggest problem was the sense of scale, the really tall towers.
[01:39] Trying to get those in game and having the player walk up to them and making sure player can see enough,
[01:45] I think that was the hardest part of it, of the project for us.
[01:48] Ferenc2017 asks is there any specific reason why some of the crystals used around the city
[01:53] were not used on the top of the buildings like some of the concept art?
[01:56] Yeah, we did want to put some gameplay associated with the crystal at the top of the towers
[02:00] but one of the things we did when we did early playtests was you just couldn't see them
[02:04] because they were so high you really had to move your camera and really know where to look in order to find them
[02:10] and so we thought because they are so far away we decided to not include them.
[02:15] TheRealQuaid asks what can we expect to see from the two dungeoneering resource dungeons?
[02:20] There are absolutely loads of content in these two new dungeons.
[02:23] I'll pick some of my favourite parts out for you.
[02:25] The level 95 dungeon includes the Gorajo hoardstalker.
[02:28] He will once a day give you a card that you can take into a dungeoneering dungeon which will give you an effect of some kind.
[02:36] And there's quite a few of them. There's also group cards in there which will effect your entire party.
[02:41] In the 115 dungeons we've got the Edimmu.
[02:44] The Edimmu room is only accessible if you're on a slayer task to kill Edimmu and they are pretty tough to kill
[02:51] but they have an excellent drop table and some really awesome stuff on there.
[02:55] R4tt3pl4n asks what kind of rewards will be available from the motherlode maw and where can it be found?
[03:00] The motherlode maw is within the 115 resource dungeon.
[03:04] You need to have 115 dungeoneering to get in there.
[03:07] The sort of rewards it gives are based around them helping players to complete their completionist cape requirements.
[03:13] It drops these really awesome things called enhancers and there are various different ones.
[03:18] You keep them in your inventory and they help you to do things like get the gold tickets in Castle Wars.
[03:26] So if you are in a game that you would get a gold ticket,
[03:28] if you have this enhancer with you you can get double tickets,
[03:31] and they have charges.
[03:33] Jamie0208 asks will the blue crystals that hold the city together change colour once the city is finished growing?
[03:39] So, as of the new launch on Monday, the city will be finalised in its current state.
[03:45] We're going to keep the city a mixture of blue and white.
[03:48] So, the more finalised architecture of the houses will be white
[03:53] but the more solid bases are going to stay blue.
[03:56] That represents more of the organically grown crystal just like the existing blue crystal tree.
[04:02] Morgan asks with the Ithell clan opening will the player owned house portal be moving?
[04:07] The player owned house portal will move to the Ithell area.
[04:09] There'll be a bank chest about the same distance away from it.
[04:12] There's also a sawmill operator who sells Keldagrim stonemason construction materials,
[04:18] so it's a very convenient place to do your construction.
[04:21] IBody asks how will the new combat divination-training work?
[04:24] So, within the Amlodd section of the city there is a big crater.
[04:28] Around that crater there are shadow creatures of 3 different tiers.
[04:31] Obviously the combat level is different on each one.
[04:34] They drop cores from themselves which you then purify in the crater for divination experience
[04:40] and you have a chance to get a light core in return which is used to make a new familiar.
[04:45] So, how will this compare with the current AFK divination training methods?
[04:48] So it's less AFK because you've got the combat element involved in it but you get the nice balance of combat xp and divination xp.
[04:55] It mixes things up from your traditional divination.
[04:59] You've also have the chance to get the shadow creatures on a slayer task,
[05:03] so you can introduce that slayer xp element in there as well.
[05:07] So that's it for the questions.
[05:08] Thank you guys for taking the time out of your day to answer them.
[05:11] You're very welcome.
[05:11] Happy to do it.
[05:12] Thanks.
[05:13] And you guys can look forward to seeing Elf City batch two in game next week.
[05:19] We'll be back next week with more of this months biggest updates.