Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #124 - Treasure Trails and new quest

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week Mod Mark takes a brief look at November's biggest updates,
[00:14] including the second half of the Elf City and the long awaited Elder God quest "Heart of Stone".
[00:20] We're starting November with a bang... a big, double XP shaped bang!
[00:25] Over the whole of the weekend, starting midday on Friday 31st of October
[00:30] and ending midday on Monday 3rd November,
[00:33] you'll get double XP for almost every activity in RuneScape,
[00:36] so get your banks ready for a levelling fest!
[00:40] Our first new update of the month sees the final parts of the Elf City being added to the game,
[00:45] a huge addition, making it officially the largest city in Gielinor,
[00:49] both in terms of size and variety of content on offer.
[00:53] For those of you who are yet to visit, there's never been a better reason
[00:57] to complete the Plague's End quest and unlock Prifdinnas,
[01:01] the jewel in RuneScape's crown.
[01:03] There's so much to it. Here are just some of the highlights.
[01:08] For agility training, there's a brand new course for players over level 77 agility,
[01:13] with bonus rewards for higher level players.
[01:15] Keep your eyes open for hidden shortcuts on each lap!
[01:18] There's also a daily tai chi inspired agility training method available elsewhere in the city.
[01:24] You'll be able to make crystal flasks inside the city which can hold two different potions,
[01:29] and you can combine the effects of those potions in 26 different ways
[01:33] once you've unlocked the recipes via dungeoneering.
[01:38] You'll also have access to crystal singing,
[01:40] which allows you to convert your own crystal seeds into weapons, shields, tools, teleports,
[01:45] even upgrades to your dragon pickaxe or hatchet.
[01:48] You'll need level 75 crafting, construction and smithing for that one.
[01:52] There's a brand new dragonkin motherlode maw,
[01:55] a dragonkin statue that grants special rewards to those with 115 dungeoneering,
[02:00] which should prove useful to anyone working on their achievement and trimmed completionist capes.
[02:06] There's cleansing crystals, a new way of training prayer for anyone over level 75 prayer.
[02:11] Finally, there's a new level 90 slayer target called "Edimmu",
[02:15] dropping new ashes, a new pet and upgrades for your amulets.
[02:19] You may well have seen them in dungeoneering.
[02:21] There's also plenty of changes to the existing city based on your feedback,
[02:26] including boosts to the voice of Seren.
[02:29] We've been busy making a bunch of new treasure trails too
[02:32] which will be added to the game this month.
[02:34] We've also made some important changes to the way that all treasure trails work,
[02:38] updating items needed to complete them and giving you new ways to reroll rewards
[02:43] and improve your rewards on future trails if the rewards you get aren't great.
[02:48] Of course, with new trails come new rewards!
[02:52] These include explosive barrel backpacks, dyes for your level 90 gear
[02:56] and an updated general rewards list to make trails more lucrative.
[03:02] Those of you at RuneFest or watching the streams from my 2015 reveal talk
[03:06] will know all about our first Elder God quest,
[03:08] which we've now called "Heart of Stone".
[03:11] Heart of Stone is a low-level quest, requiring level 25 runecrafting, 35 magic,
[03:17] and completion of the "Carnellian Rising" and "Rune Memories" quests.
[03:21] You'll be engaging with combat and a bunch of tricky puzzles including tracking puzzles,
[03:26] circuit style puzzles and a more cerebral puzzle assembling ancient lore.
[03:32] Even the boss fight involves puzzles! And some combat of course!
[03:36] Have all your wits about you as you romp across the world with a golem,
[03:39] investigating a strange device that can bring the terrors of the Abyss to the surface world of RuneScape.
[03:45] During your quest you'll find out more about the Elder Gods,
[03:47] learning about their motivations and origins via relics hidden around the world.
[03:53] Through the whole month of November we're re-opening the Well of Goodwill,
[03:56] where you can deposit in-game items, gold or Bonds and donate to a charitable cause.
[04:02] Pop in your unwanted stuff and we'll donate a US dollar for every 5 mil of wealth that you generously give.
[04:09] We've got three great charities lined up - AbleGamers, DonateGames and YoungMinds -
[04:15] and you can choose which your donation goes to, or split it among them. The choice is yours.
[04:20] There are two new titles to earn, plus three cool tunics available at Solomon's,
[04:25] from which all proceeds go to charity.
[04:28] Solomon's been really busy and he's even made some changes to the weapon override feature
[04:33] to make the system more flexible and he has added some new gear to his store this month.
[04:37] There's two outfit sets focused around Nex and the KBD,
[04:41] with visual upgrades for those who wear the sets while slaying the boss.
[04:44] Enjoy all the additional XP this weekend!
[04:47] Have fun! And wooters out!
[04:50] Next week we'll be taking more of your Elf City questions to the people involved.
[04:54] So if there's anything you want to know, head to the link below and let us know.
[04:58] There we go.