Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #123 - Broken Home

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] Behind The Scenes

  1. 123: Broken Home

[00:11] In the spirit of Halloween and Runescapes most terrifying quest,
[00:15] this week Mods Ollie and Jack spend one fright filled night in a haunted house.
[00:20] Oh It's too spooky for me.
[00:28] 200 years ago the owner of this mansion murdered his entire staff and then took his own life.
[00:33] They say his ghost still haunts the building.
[00:40] Broken home is Runescape's first survival horror and first repeatable quest
[00:43] we're using new mechanics to fully immerse you in this dark tale.
[00:50] East of Varrock is a mansion abandoned until now because of persistent rumours about it being haunted.
[00:55] Now a new owner has moved in but the ghost has returned and has trapped everyone inside,
[01:00] you'll have to enter the mansion and put this angry spirit to its final rest.
[01:07] This quest is really unique because we've included a lot of new mechanics
[01:09] you wont be able to take anything in or out of the mansion and the food supply inside is limited.
[01:14] If you do die you will be returned to the most recent checkpoint you visited within the mansion.
[01:18] As your exploring you'll want to check the keyholes to make sure that there is nothing threatening in the next room.
[01:22] Creating a quest that's actually scary in Runescape is quite a challenge so we looked towards the survival horror genre for inspiration.
[01:28] We wanted to have jump scares but also create a real sense of isolation,
[01:32] audio is really important in achieving this so make sure you've got your head phones on.
[01:38] The environment team have been working really hard on getting the mansion in game
[01:41] the interior and the exterior are all brand new and have never been seen before.
[01:45] If you laid out all of the floors and rooms next to each other,
[01:48] the interior of the mansion would actually cover a space that's larger than Varrock.
[01:51] There are no requirements for starting this quest but there will be rewards for both low and high level players.
[01:55] The rewards for completing the quest for the first time will be XP, an emote and a low level ring,
[02:01] there is also an early bird bonus where if you complete the quest in the first couple of weeks, you'll get substantially more XP.
[02:07] One of the most frequent requests we get is for our quests to be replayable and broken home is our first repeatable quest.
[02:13] On subsequent playthroughs you can collect a set of lamps for extra XP
[02:17] and there is also challenges you can complete to earn higher-level rewards.
[02:21] The high level rewards include a pet and combat ring that has a 10% chance to prevent adrenaline loss on threshold abilities
[02:27] it also has a 40% chance of saving 25% of a special attacks cost.
[02:32] This is the longest novice quest we have ever put out.
[02:35] Jmods take about 2 hours to complete it, although mod Ollie says he can do it in under 30 minutes.
[02:40] This project has been a real challenge as we have done a big quest within a short space of time,
[02:45] we have implemented tones of new mechanics and features
[02:47] and we have also had to achieve horror in Runescape but the teams done really well and managed to pull it off.
[02:54] This quest is going to be an awesome one to stream and we really want to see your reactions.
[02:58] We'll also be streaming over on the Runescape channel so come and watch.
[03:02] Its been really entertaining watching everyone play around the office
[03:05] with Jmods actually jumping out of their seats. This quest is scary so make sure you come prepared.
[03:10] Next week Mod Mark will be back with news on all of Novembers biggest updates including part 2 of the elven city.