Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #122 - Halloween Event 2014

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] next week sees the release of this
[00:13] year's super duper spooky halloween
[00:15] event we caught up with mod multi and
[00:17] mod infinity to give us the lowdown or
[00:19] what to expect whoo during this year's
[00:24] October event death's door mel's are the
[00:26] mad is trying another scheme to get the
[00:28] people of cran door back from death his
[00:30] invaded deaths house with his horde of
[00:32] ghosts death can't get any work done and
[00:35] his powerless to do anything about
[00:36] ghosts them being undead rather than a
[00:38] dead but what he can do is he can summon
[00:40] in the players equip them with high-tech
[00:42] equipment and get them fighting ghosts
[00:44] on his behalf therefore your mission
[00:46] should you choose to accept it is to get
[00:48] into deaths house get the weapons
[00:50] strapped on hunt down some ghosts and
[00:51] bust them for fun and goodies players
[00:54] looking to start the event can head to
[00:55] the birth of lodestone there they'll
[00:57] find muncher deaths dog you can send
[00:59] them two deaths house where they'll find
[01:01] out more about the event from Death
[01:02] himself players taking part in the event
[01:04] can earn a host of rewards there's the
[01:06] ghost hunter gear which will increase
[01:08] your damage and your experience gained
[01:10] when fighting certain ghosts there's
[01:12] also experience to be earned and a host
[01:14] of cosmetic rewards titles emotes and
[01:17] weapon overwrites this year also be on
[01:20] the lookout for opportunities to benefit
[01:22] from disguised j mods haunting deaths
[01:24] house as you play will be helping you
[01:26] expel the ghosts by spawning fee
[01:28] reducing items such as teddy bears night
[01:30] lights and more also be on the lookout
[01:32] for beams of light which as well as the
[01:34] thyroid using items will lower your fear
[01:36] level throughout the event will be
[01:38] helping you take down some of the
[01:39] high-level ghosts as well as sporting a
[01:40] few of our own to make sure you'll get
[01:42] as many points as possible this is the
[01:44] first time ever J mods will be
[01:45] interacting with you guys an event like
[01:47] this we're really excited and we can't
[01:49] wait to see their watch out as well in
[01:51] following weeks for our halloween quest
[01:53] broken home a spooky investigation of a
[01:55] ghastly haunted house players who
[01:57] complete this quest will in themselves a
[01:59] fifteen percent damage bonus against
[02:01] everything in the event join us next
[02:04] week on a spooktacular journey as mod
[02:07] alley delves into the dark and
[02:08] mysterious halloween quest coming go
[02:10] away why is it hard for ghosts to tell
[02:13] lies
[02:13] because you can see right through them
[02:25] you