Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #121 - Beast & Ghost Drop Tables

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 121: Beast and Ghost Drop tables

[00:11] With Runefest only a matter of hours away
[00:14] this week we grabbed Mod Deg for a quick run down on the latest drop table reworks and some shiny new rewards.
[00:21] This week we'll be updating some ghost and beasts drop tables that was voted for by you in a recent player power poll.
[00:27] We felt like many of these slayer monsters weren't providing rewards that were appropriate to their slayer levels.
[00:32] Dark Beasts in particular are one of the highest-level slayer targets so should provide something more exciting.
[00:37] All of these monsters drop tablets have the same sort of theme as before
[00:41] but they'll have a value that's much more appropriate to their level.
[00:44] Some items will be removed from these monsters but they'll keep the same sort of theme they'll just have a greater value.
[00:49] Some of the updatees include:
[00:51] Dark Beasts, Turoths, Kurasks, Basilisks, rock slugs, gargoyles, bloodvelds,
[00:58] spiritual warriors, rangers and mages, banshees and Aberrant spectres.
[01:02] We thought that ghosts needed something extra so they'll now be dropping ghostly essence,
[01:06] which can be used to attune your ectoplasmator.
[01:08] The old ectoplasmator gave you experience for killing ghosts,
[01:11] the new attuned one will give you more experience from ghosts as well as now giving you experience from demons, but you need to keep it charged.
[01:18] For those of you that don't know the ectoplasmator is a rare drop from ghosts which gives prayer experience when killing ghosts.
[01:23] Basiliks, Turoths and Kurasks will be dropping new ranger boots at levels 40, 50 and 60.
[01:29] If you want get the new boots in essence, there drop rate is significantly increased if you're on slayer tasks for that particular monster.
[01:35] These drop table changes are a small update but we hope they give high level slayers reason to revisit these underappreciated monsters.
[01:42] If you're not going to be able to join us at Runefest then never fear.
[01:46] You can keep up with everything that happens in our live stream starting at 10am BST on the 11th of October.
[01:53] Just follow the link and you'll be good to go.