Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #120 - October Updates

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 120: The Month Ahead - October

[00:11] This week Mod Mark returns to talk ghosts, ghauls and everything else that goes bump in the night.
[00:18] Ever wondered how fast you could progress through RuneScape
[00:21] without the help of anyone else?
[00:23] IRONMAN is a brand new way of playing RuneScape,
[00:26] developed by you but now with official support from JAGEX.
[00:29] It's all about self-sufficiency,
[00:32] earning or making everything you use when playing the game.
[00:36] You can create a new account and set it to IRONMAN mode and off you go,
[00:40] fending for yourself and knowing that all of your achievements are your own.
[00:44] If you'd like an even greater challenge,
[00:47] our HARDCORE IRONMAN mode features permadeath with 2 earnable lives,
[00:52] but after that it's game over.
[00:54] There are brand new hiscore tables to support each of the modes
[00:58] so you'll be able to gloat about your EXTREME experiences to everyone!
[01:03] Since its dark and mysterious outside,
[01:06] the ninjas have been especially busy preparing a suitably powerful update for you this month.
[01:12] Enjoy a new Divination D&D (as voted by you in the polls),
[01:16] entering Guthix's hidden rune caches and gathering ancient memories of Guthix,
[01:21] used to improve your divination experience and divination related activities.
[01:26] Mod Chris L and his familiars have been busy improving the way summoned creatures behave in the game,
[01:32] making them far more useful than ever before.
[01:35] Familiars will now get involved in combat straight away and keep fighting until you tell them otherwise,
[01:41] they will defend you if you come under attack but are busy with other things,
[01:44] can store their own scrolls and can even be told how frequently to use those scrolls with their special attacks.
[01:51] We've also improved the way charged summoning helmets work,
[01:54] updated the summoning side panel and added a "give all" button to beasts of burden.
[01:59] That's just a few of the improvements included in the update that week,
[02:02] so make sure you try out all the new benefits with your favourite summons once its live.
[02:08] After a poll earlier in the year you told us that ghosts and beasts needed better drops.
[02:14] Since the ghosts were getting so much love during this spooky month,
[02:17] it seemed an appropriately beastly time for the update to go live...
[02:21] or dead, depending on which way you look at it.
[02:24] All drop tables for ghosts and beasts have now been re-balanced
[02:28] to make them more interesting and valuable,
[02:31] and high level slayer targets have been particularly well treated,
[02:34] especially the legendary dark beasts.
[02:37] You'll even find new ranger boots scattered across a range of those creatures,
[02:42] and perhaps some special new upgrades for some ghostly tools... but more on that later.
[02:47] We have a great new quest and a cracking new Halloween event for you to stick your fangs into.
[02:53] In the event, available to all players and with no requirements,
[02:57] you'll be called back to deaths house to help deal with a horde of eeevvviiilll
[03:02] yet slightly disturbed ghosts who are causing death all sorts of troubles.
[03:07] Help raise his spirits by strapping on a protopack, supercharge it with active ectoplasm
[03:12] and track those pesky ghosts down before they scare you to death.
[03:16] Look out for j-mods using their powers to summon demons, turn you into ghosts
[03:21] or even spook out Gielenor by morphing into furniture.
[03:25] Yes, that's right! What could be spookier than furniture?
[03:30] All jokes aside, our Halloween quest is a far more serious and disturbing tale.
[03:36] Sometimes we like to make something a little different from the normal RuneScape fare,
[03:40] something a bit darker, designed to chill the warmest of hearts.
[03:44] Our quest this month will try to do just that.
[03:48] I'm loathed to give you too much detail about the quest,
[03:51] but it's a novice level, members only, non-combat, puzzle solving cerebral affair
[03:56] with high level content hidden in its rewards.
[03:59] In fact, it's the first ever totally replayable quest,
[04:03] with growing difficulty as you try its more fiendish features.
[04:06] As well as XP, rewards include some pretty tasty rings
[04:10] that can help restore your special attack or your adrenaline levels.
[04:14] Solomon's been busy too and he rolls out the new epic rest animations this month,
[04:19] with cool "world draining" animation effects, martial arts moves and an impling dance...
[04:24] and we've a few Halloween inspired features in treasure hunter too!
[04:29] I'm hugely looking forward to meeting all of our RuneScape fans at RuneFest this year,
[04:33] but if you don't have a ticket you won't miss out!
[04:36] Check our website and twitch channel during the event
[04:39] as we'll be streaming the whole event live for free.
[04:43] Save the date, Saturday 11th of October.
[04:47] There's some special announcements and plenty of juicy information
[04:50] about what we've got in store for you later in the year
[04:53] and even a look ahead to next year, so make sure you tune in.
[04:57] Until then.... wooters out!
[05:00] And we'll be back next week to look at more of RuneScape's biggest updates coming this October.
[05:18] What do you call a vampire in the kitchen?