Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #119 - Ironman Modes

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind the Scenes

  1. 119: Ironman Mode

[00:11] Ironman isn't for the faint of heart and Hardcore Ironman, well, that's just a bit mental.
[00:16] This week we take a look at the newest mode coming to Runescape and Oldschool!
[00:22] Ironman mode has been evented by the community as a totally different way of playing Runescape.
[00:26] You create a new character but there is a twist - you have to play completely self sufficiently.
[00:31] So you can't get help from anyone else, you can't get items traded in, you can't use the Grand Exchange.
[00:36] Everything you need you got to make and you've got to earn.
[00:40] We are taking this community made challenge and making it into an official game mode.
[00:44] Its going to be in Runescape it's also going to be in Old school Runescape.
[00:46] Each with there own different flavour and each with there own high scores.
[00:50] So we are going to be introducing 2 new modes on account creation.
[00:54] We have Ironman and for those hardcore players we also have Hardcore Ironman.
[00:57] So the Ironman mode is focused around being very self sufficient.
[01:01] This means you cannot trade with other players and you also have very minimal player interaction at all.
[01:06] We have left some exceptions such as being able to trade bonds through an Ironman account.
[01:10] You cannot trade the other direction though.
[01:12] We have also left in things such being able to trade quest items such as Shield of Arrav
[01:17] and the Hero's quest which do require other players.
[01:20] So whilst in Ironman mode we have restricted certain pieces of content. This is to stop player interaction.
[01:25] For instance, something like Dungeoneering, you can only do this solo.
[01:29] So you can't group up and make parties with other players.
[01:31] We have left things such as Castle wars open so this allows you to still go and kill and have fun,
[01:36] but you cannot get XP as we have disabled PVP XP.
[01:40] So the difference between Hardcore Ironman and Normal Ironman is that death has a hefty price.
[01:44] And by this I mean if you die you are dead that is it, that is game over for that account.
[01:49] There are some exceptions to this. You can purchase an item called the Jar of Devine Light,
[01:53] and on death you will be down grade to a normal Ironman.
[01:56] Of course we have left certain areas of the game safe for if you die.
[02:00] This is things such as Dungeoneering, castle wars, anywhere you die in the game
[02:04] but you do not have a grave stone or lose any of your items, they're okay to die in hardcore mode.
[02:08] To activate Ironman mode, on the account creation screen you will need to enter a special keyboard combination.
[02:13] This will unlock the ability to toggle Ironman or Hardcore Ironman on.
[02:17] When you chose to toggle one of these options on you will be given numerous warnings
[02:21] just to make sure you know what your getting into.
[02:24] Other players will be able to recognize those playing Ironman or Hardcore Ironman mode.
[02:27] They can see this by they will have a unique chat badge when they speak.
[02:31] There will be a different one for normal Ironman and there will also be one for hardcore.
[02:35] Another way for players to identify Ironman accounts is via a title that they will receive on account creation.
[02:42] So if you're a normal Ironman you will receive the Ironman or Ironwoman title
[02:46] and if you create a hardcore account you will receive Hardcore Ironman or Hardcore Ironwoman title.
[02:52] Much like Runescape old school has two modes as well,
[02:56] it has a normal Ironman mode and it has an Ultimate Ironman mode.
[03:00] What we have tried to do with ironman mode is give players as much access to as much content as possible
[03:05] so they will be able to get into some of the many mini games out there.
[03:07] Some of thing they wont be able to do though is take part in-group nightmare zone as well as fishing trawler.
[03:13] With ultimate mode there is 2 extra rules players have to live by.
[03:16] If they die they are going to lose all of the items they have got and also
[03:18] they wont have access to there bank which is going to create a real challenge for the players.
[03:22] There is two ways to recognize an Ironman.
[03:24] You are going to be able to see them on the high scores there will be Ironman pacific high scores.
[03:27] You are also going to be able to access to a specific outfit in game
[03:30] so if you see someone wearing this outfit you know that they are an Ironman.
[03:33] What we have also done for ironmen is give them an icon on there interface
[03:36] so if they are streaming players will be able to watch there stream and know immediately that they are an Ironman.
[03:41] To make an ironman first thing you need to do is make a brand new account.
[03:45] When you get to the end of tutorial island you will notice there is two npc's, which you will probably recognize,
[03:49] and they will be able to turn you account into an ironman account.
[03:52] If you are a free player you can also take part in our free to play trial,
[03:55] make an account that way and try it out as a free player.
[03:58] Since we have announced Ironman mode we have had tones of ideas and suggestions through the forums.
[04:02] We've tried to incorporate those as best we can into our development
[04:06] and I think what we are ending up with is something really special.
[04:09] Development on iron man is nearly done and
[04:12] you can get a preview by tuning into our live streams next week as we get into the final testing.
[04:16] That's a ahead of a full release sometime in October
[04:19] but remember its not for the faint of heart.
[04:24] With Halloween creeping ever closer, next week Mod Mark will be here
[04:28] to lift the lid on all of Octobers Spookiest updates.