Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #118 - Mods Osborne & Elfborne Q&A

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] Behind The Scenes

  1. 118: Elf City Q&A

[00:11] I'm not sure if we've mentioned it but the re-growing of the elf's city will soon be complete.
[00:15] So this week Mod Osborne takes all of your elf-i-est questions to the only person who's knowledge 'dwarves' his own.
[00:23] Hello and welcome to a special edition of the bts where we have a guest star 'Mod Elfborne'.
[00:28] Hello!
[00:28] Hello and we are going to be talking about the elf city are you ready for some questions from the players given over this week?
[00:34] I think I might just be.
[00:35] Lets do this thing.
[00:37] Now a 'Husky Lover' has asked when will the city be opening up?
[00:41] Well you can almost smell the crystal, its next week its coming very soon
[00:45] which makes it almost ten years to the week of when the elf city walls first went in game.
[00:49] The next question is from 'Dibi', how long has the elf city been in planning and development for?
[00:54] So technically we have been planning it for 10 years since that's when we put the walls in
[00:59] but really as soon as the poll finished we jumped straight into development
[01:03] so that's really at the start of the year so I've been kind of elfy for the best part of a year and you can see its having an effect.
[01:10] And the next quest is from 'Jippes' so what was the hardest part when creating the elf city?
[01:15] Definitely the hardest part has been designing something that people wont spend all of their time there
[01:22] but will also want to treat it as their home so its maintaining that balance
[01:26] trying to make sure that there is loads of stuff to do but not stay there forever.
[01:30] This question is from 'Poly' he wants to know wherever or not we are going to give any boosts
[01:35] so that people can gain the requirements for the elf city?
[01:38] Yeah getting into the city is going to be pretty exclusive you got to have done plagues end
[01:42] which is the end of a huge quest series and there is a number of skills to do it
[01:44] but you have got a bonus XP weekend coming up on the 1st and 2nd of November
[01:48] but aside from that I really think the city should be exclusive.
[01:51] Quite hard to get into so aside from that we are not going to do any kind of boosts.
[01:56] I think that's completely warranted, I think you are a truth teller.
[02:01] Some strange guy called 'Dave Big Life' want so know how big the city is?
[02:06] It's big the city is big we are talking like Varrock big ardougne big possibly slightly bigger
[02:12] and what's important is that I don't think there is a city which is as densely packed
[02:15] with stuff those have got a lot of dead areas this one is continuously full of things.
[02:20] That's just, that's just sounds beautiful.
[02:25] Okay then theirs 'Flavin30' who asks are there going to be achievement diary tasks for the city?
[02:29] You bet yeah there is an achievement diary task set coming this year that we are planning
[02:35] I don't want to reveal all of the tasks there wont be any infuriating ones
[02:39] but there will be some challenging ones - yeah- some more fun as well.
[02:43] Could you give us an example?
[02:44] Defeat one of Iban's followers with iban's staff I really like that one it kind of fighting fire with fire.
[02:52] This has come from 'Big Storms' what kind of lore can we expect form the city and in what ways has it been implemented?
[02:57] So the city is pretty much choka blocked with lore but you have to find it.
[03:01] So it's not a case of there being a quest or anything like the challenge like with the fate of the gods.
[03:05] It's about littering the area with lore crystals for example with dialog with the elfs -nice-
[03:12] and some hidden stuff which you will have to work together with the community to find.
[03:15] Then its 'Jardeath' who says can we expect any future quests involving the city potentially Seren related?
[03:22] We are so not done with the elf city we really want to do more stories that's not in the near future
[03:27] but there are so many questions about what is happening to Seren,
[03:30] will seren ever come back that I think we could do a lot with, lets do it.
[03:35] Lets do it!
[03:36] Lets, do it.
[03:38] Then we got a lore hound this is 'Strisath' how will the first half of the city be blocked from the 2nd half?
[03:46] I would love to say there is some kind of bouncer stopping you from getting from one end of the city to another
[03:51] but its not it's a case of you will be walking along the walkway
[03:54] and there will be half formed bits of crystal like spires and juts of crystal.
[03:58] That shows that the elf city is still growing its only just got halfway.
[04:01] Okay cool, then its 'Yami V' are there any future plans for the elf city after batch 2 is released?
[04:09] Obviously there is the task set but you may have seen a poll that asks whether or not
[04:14] you want Spells and Prayers, Seren Spells and Prayers.
[04:17] So that's going to be featured.
[04:18] Obviously we want to do quests and what is important is also that when elf city batch 1 and 2 comes out
[04:24] that's not the end of feedback we want people to kind of send us improvements to what's there
[04:30] then over the weeks after release we will be adding those in.
[04:32] And it's the last question which is 'Arcblade kb', will this be the last we see of Mod Elfborne?
[04:38] So boxes of my stuff are out side of work as we speak so I'm going to be doing kids parties from now on I think.
[04:45] Its been, its been emotional, I've loved every minute thank you for having me.
[04:51] People have said we look similar.
[04:53] I think I look far more attractive.
[04:57] Well we'll agree to disagree on that one.
[04:59] Okay so that's the end of the video elf city is out next week we will see you there.
[05:09] Don't forget entries for this year Golden Gnome award closes on the 28th of September
[05:13] so click the link below to find out all of the details
[05:16] and maybe you could walk away with some very special prizes.