Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #117 - Rune Value Improvements

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 117: Rune Value Improvements

[00:11] Earlier in the year you voted to improve the value of runes
[00:14] so this week Mod Deg is here to shine a bit of light on new drop tables and the Rune Goldberg Machine.
[00:21] In recent years there has been a problem with Runes where there is much more supply than there is demand.
[00:26] More runes are being dropped by monsters and created by rune crafters than are being used to cast spells.
[00:31] One of the things we're doing to address this is looking at a lot of monster drops tables
[00:35] for example fire giants and dust devils are already dropping more fire runes than are used in a day.
[00:42] This is a wide spread change affecting most monsters in the game,
[00:45] some of them the change will be quite small but some of them it will be quite significant.
[00:49] As well as adjusting the drop tables we're also bringing in a new daily D&D,
[00:54] the Rune Goldberg machine which will allow you to turn your existing runes into a new resource called Vis Wax.
[00:59] The Rune Goldberg machine is located in the Rune crafting guild,
[01:02] which means that you need 50 Rune crafting to use it but there are no further requirements.
[01:07] Once per day you can experiment with the machine by putting in three different types of Rune.
[01:11] This will give you a value that you can continue to improve upon by swapping in different types of Rune.
[01:16] Once you're happy with this value you can click combine and your Runes will be converted into the new Vis Wax.
[01:21] You can only produce 100 Vis Wax yourself per day but you can trade it with other people.
[01:26] Vis Wax can be used to extend a daily challenge but you have to do twice as much to get twice the reward,
[01:32] it can be used to re-roll a daily challenge, you'll be given the choice between a new one and your existing one.
[01:37] Vis Wax can also be used to increase your divine location gather limit or the duration of most Auras by either fifty or one hundred per cent
[01:45] as well as used to reset the Jack of Trades or Wisdom Aura once per day.
[01:49] As a quality of live improvement to rune crafting we've also increased the carrying capacity of abyssal familiars
[01:55] and now when you craft at an altar your pouches and abyssal familiars will now be emptied automatically.
[02:01] Players voted to make runes more valuable so we're doing that
[02:04] by giving them a new repeatable use outside of magic so that the demand now starts to meet the supply.
[02:10] Next week we prepare ourselves for the elf city to open its gates.
[02:14] So if you've got any questions about the first half of the city then make sure you get them over too us ready for next weeks Q&A