Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #116 - Prifddinas is coming

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] Behind The Scenes

  1. 116: The Month Ahead September

[00:11] With Summer coming to a close, Runescape's most energetic face is here to lift the lid on a host of updates coming this September.
[00:20] This Behind the Scenes, I get the privilege of saying something I've wanted to say for ten years:
[00:24] Elf City is out this month.
[00:26] What might be a surprise to you is how much else there is in September.
[00:29] I really can't remember a month this crammed.
[00:32] But before I let the cat out of the bag, let's talk about Prifddinas.
[00:36] So, if you've been keeping up with Mod Elfborne's videos, you'll know a lot about what's coming.
[00:40] You'll know about the new slayer master, with his own boss slayer challenge and Distraction and Diversion.
[00:44] You'll know about the Max Guild, with its skill portals, combat portal and completionist throne.
[00:49] You'll know about the Seren Stones for resource-free mining and smithing.
[00:53] And you'll know about crystal tree farming patches, elder tree farming patches,
[00:57] infuriation-free pickpocketing, two new Grand Exchange locations
[01:00] and the Voice of Seren, which randomly makes one of the Elf City families more rewarding.
[01:06] What you won't know is how spectacular the final Elf City is looking.
[01:09] It is grand, huge, bustling, beautiful and comprehensive,
[01:12] densely packed with all your favourite training methods.
[01:15] We really do think it will change up your RuneScape routines.
[01:19] It's worth remembering that this is just the first half of the Elf City release.
[01:22] The final four families of the Elf City are due to be released in November,
[01:25] when things get real and the Elf City becomes the biggest city in the game.
[01:29] Next is something else that could change the way you play RuneScape.
[01:32] We call it the Grouping System.
[01:34] This is a single
multiplayer lobby that doesn't require you to travel or even give up what you are doing.
[01:39] State a preference for the games you want to play,
[01:41] and the system will match-make a suitable group as you get on with the important stuff.
[01:45] You'll also be able to invite players across worlds,
[01:47] as well as from your clan list, friend list, public chat or by name.
[01:50] Chat to them via a new group chat channel, and let the system form a group for you, 100% hassle-free.
[01:57] When you're ready to play, the group leader can teleport the entire group to the starting area,
[02:00] and we're launching with combat areas, dungeoneering, social slayer,
[02:03] various multiplayer minigames and all manner of boss fights.
[02:07] Also bringing attention to older content is an update that you voted for.
[02:10] In May, you chose to 'Make runes more valuable' and we attempt to do exactly that,
[02:14] with a bizarre contraption called the Rune Goldberg Machine.
[02:17] This will be a daily D&D, where you can experiment with turning runes into a sticky goo called vis wax.
[02:22] This wax will extend the duration of most auras, reroll daily challenges,
[02:27] double the duration and reward of daily challenges, or increase your divination location gathering limit.
[02:32] But not everyone is interested in gaining XP. Some are interested in actually losing it.
[02:37] In September, we will be offering two completely free packages to anyone interested in reclaiming their pure accounts:
[02:42] one package resets your Constitution to 10 and Prayer level to 1, the other resets Defence to 1.
[02:49] While that may be niche, the next update is for everyone.
[02:52] From the people who brought you Super September and the RuneScape Roadtrip,
[02:55] we will be releasing something that will get you in game every day to win prizes and meet with the occasional JMod.
[03:00] More news will come on the 1st of September.
[03:04] If that sounds a tame, we've taken inspiration from the 'Ironman Challenges'
[03:08] and are making it an official mode within RuneScape.
[03:11] This really is experimental, so we expect lots of feed back from you as we fine tune it.
[03:15] On account setup, you'll be able to choose between Ironman and Hardcore Ironman modes.
[03:20] These can be toggled off but never on.
[03:23] Ironman mode stops you from trading, so you'll have to be completely self-sufficient.
[03:27] Hardcore Ironman adds a twist. If you die, you will not be able log back into that character ever again.
[03:33] Death is a final, permanent end, so you better think twice before you wander into a hazardous situation.
[03:37] So if you think seismic wands are a cinch to get hold of?
[03:41] Try to get one - I double-dare you.
[03:43] The ninjas will come to the party with Expert Skillcapes, which give 99ers something new to aim for.
[03:48] These capes represent 99s in a number of tied skills,
[03:51] and they can only be gained by finding shard items when skilling at level 99.
[03:55] These shards won't be common, so be vigilant for when they might appear in your inventory!
[03:58] The Expert Skillcapes are looking cool, and each has a brand new and extravagant emote.
[04:03] Finally, on Solomon's Store we welcome back the Bank Boosters, we offer the Zarosian Devotion pack,
[04:08] with two sinister Zarosian outfits, and the Prifddinian Riches pack, which offers melee, ranged and magic elf outfits.
[04:15] To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, Treasure Hunter and other, pirate-themed ingame actions
[04:19] will be dishing out doubloons which can be traded for pirate rewards
[04:22] there's pirate sheep, a Walk the Plank emote, and swordfish weapons to name a few.
[04:26] You really will be the toast of Arrrrrrdougne.
[04:30] Next week we return to the Elven city for the final time where we'll be learning all about the last of the Elf families.