Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #115 - Barbarian Assault Rework & Clan Cup 2014

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] Behind the Scenes

  1. 115: Barbarian Assault & The Clan Cup

[00:11] Next week sees a new level of challenge in the Barbarian Assault arena
[00:15] and with the Clan Cup just around the corner this weeks BTS is a double whammy.
[00:21] Barbarian assault is a minigame that was originally released in 2007 in which players
[00:24] can select a number of roles to take on 10 waves of demonic creatures to eventually reach their leader.
[00:29] As you can imagine with a game released in 2007 the graphics are pretty out of date
[00:33] and since EOC it's become really easy which has skewed the XP rates as well.
[00:37] so we've gone back and we've adjusted the XP rates, we updated the graphics and we've also done a complete overhaul of all the game mechanics.
[00:43] One of my last projects was actually A Shadow over Ashdale where I worked on Agaroth who has become a repeatable boss
[00:48] so when I got onto the Barbarian Assault rework the first thing the guys wanted me to do was take a look at the hard mode boss.
[00:56] Just like the Queen, it's quite unusual how you defeat the King. It's all about teamwork,
[01:00] so you'll have to be thinking about everything your teammates are doing and working together in a sort of chain of actions to defeat the King.
[01:07] You can find out more lore from buying a book from the shop or you can find out more about the tactics from a book in the waiting room.
[01:14] This boss was quite unique in that it was originally a player idea.
[01:17] So that idea came from the Dragons Den at the last RuneFest and then we had that player in again
[01:21] at the concept stage to help us sort of design some of the mechanics.
[01:25] Then I took that through development. It starts off as just a placeholder, maybe getting one mechanic down.
[01:30] Then we'll go and play test them. We then have to gather up afterwards and
[01:33] decide what worked, what didn't and see if balance numbers need to be tweaked and things like that.
[01:41] For defeating the Penance King five times you'll get access to new insignias we're adding.
[01:44] They're different for each role and they're most useful when they are active so you need recharge items.
[01:49] They have a chance of dropping from the Queen and you are also guaranteed to get them from the King.
[01:52] They're alongside all of the other rewards you are used to having in Barbarian Assault which we've graphically updated and we've updated their stats.
[01:59] CLAN MONTH
[02:01] Clan month is a celebration of clans, so throughout this month there's been extra XP available for clans.
[02:06] There's been a rework of the cup itself and clans have been taking part in lots of activities.
[02:13] There are loads of benefits of clans. For a lot of our players there's the Citadel,
[02:18] which is a place that they can all skill together and play together. But really the most important fact is
[02:23] that your with a group of friends and you have all the tools to allow you to work together to do better in the game.
[02:28] You can join a clan by either finding a Vex in game which is a kind of flag pole that people will tell you they're recruiting
[02:34] or by going to the clan forums. But you'll probably find that lots of your friends are in clans and they'd be really keen for you to join them.
[02:40] After Clan Month we go into the Clan Cup which is a chance for each clan to shine as they compete against each other
[02:46] in different cup challenges. Some of those will be PKing, there's some PvM cups and
[02:51] there's some special cups including the questing cup this year.
[02:54] For EoC and Legacy we've built two separate combat cups and
[02:57] that allows both systems to have an equal footing in this competition.
[03:01] Taking part in the competition you have a chance to win some great prizes.
[03:05] Everything from your clan being immortalized by the addition of a logo or your names being on the in game plaque
[03:11] right through to being featured in the 200th quest and right up to the top prize, which is
[03:16] the elite team from each of the finalist teams will come to our studio to play live.
[03:22] You can find out more information and register to take part on our forums.
[03:26] There's a clan cup section in the forums go there and you should be able to find everything you'll need.
[03:32] Next week Mod Elf-borne takes a well deserved week off so that Mod Osborne can tell us about September's updates.
[03:39] Has anyone else ever noticed these two look a little similar?!