Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #114 - Plague's End

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] BTS 114 - Plague's End
[00:11] It's been almost 5 years since Within The Light saw players learn the true fate of the Elven City
[00:16] but with Plagues End just around the corner it's time to return the city to its former glory.
[00:23] It's been 5 years since Within the Light and 10 years since Mornings End Part 2 so it's probably time that we release a new Elf Quest.
[00:28] This quest series was the first multipart quest series in Runescape. It's been going since 2002.
[00:33] And in the course of the series you investigated a Plague. You found the plague was fake and a cover up for an even darker secret.
[00:40] You've navigated the perilous underground pass, you've taken part in a war between 2 elf factions,
[00:45] and you've solved fiendish puzzles in the Temple of Light.
[00:48] The Elf quest is part of the elf city batch of updates and
[00:50] that won in the first Player Power Poll we released where it won against Inventor.
[00:55] We wanted this quest to feel like the old elf series, to give less guidance so there's more ernice on the player to do things
[01:01] but also to make it feel long this is a substantial quest to get through.
[01:04] You're revisiting a lot of existing areas you went to in previous quests.
[01:08] We've tried to include game mechanics from those old quests that you liked
[01:11] so there's a light puzzle, there's a boss fight, there's hunting for things.
[01:15] You'll start off in Lletya with Arianwyn but you'll soon be whisked away
[01:18] to the undercity of Prifddinas where you'll be looking for the Grand Library.
[01:22] If you've been playing the Elf Quests then you know how many obstacles you have to overcome
[01:25] you've got Lord Iowerth, you've got the Mourners and you've got King Lathas as well.
[01:29] You'll be starting a revolution, you'll be searching for the lost 8 elven clans
[01:33] and you'll be finally going face to face against the Dark Lord.
[01:37] For as long as I've been working here I've been waiting for the next in the Elf series so I'm massively excited to be playing it through
[01:42] and it's so much responsibility because I know how many people have been looking forward to it.
[01:46] The Elf Quest will tie up a lot of the plot stands from the previous elf series,
[01:49] there may be a few strands that are dealt with in the elf city and you'll see those as lore drops and we hope to tell some Seren stories.
[01:56] You'd be forgiven for thinking its just the quest that's coming out, we've also got a full graphical rework of all of the elves
[02:01] and that's not just on Plague's End it's across the board
[02:04] so even the smaller details like the Elves that have died in Missing Presumed Death have been reworked.
[02:08] I wanted to do something a bit different with the elves. Rather than traditional pointy ears and kinda square chins
[02:14] so we went a bit crazy and did kinda mermaid type ears and torn faces.
[02:18] We played around with lots of different shaped eyes and faces. We came up with a lot of concepts.
[02:24] None of them really hit home and felt elvish enough so
[02:28] we took a step back to look at what had gone before and what players recognize as elves.
[02:32] We went through a lot of iterations of faces and eyes, art types and clothing
[02:37] until we were really happy and I'd say we produced probably 2 or 3 times more than we would normally produce.
[02:43] You can really see the variety of the look with the Lords and Ladies in particular that you'll meet in the quest.
[02:48] They are representative of their skills, the skills of their families.
[02:52] For example Lord Amlodd is a mixture of Divination and Summoning so you can see the animal elements and magic elements in his look.
[03:06] We think we've probably got the best quest reward that's ever been launched
[03:10] so once you complete the quest you get the elf city.
[03:13] That city will come in the months leading after the release of Plague's End
[03:16] so you'll soon be able to access this fantastic city for level 75 plus.
[03:20] Aside from the elf city the other rewards include a healthy chunk of bonus XP this is a finale after all
[03:25] and also an exoskeleton which makes you look like one of the characters you meet in the game which has thieving benefits.
[03:30] So make sure you get the skill and quest requirements for Plagues End.
[03:33] Get yourself a mourner outfit and then you'll find out on Plagues End how we get to the rebuilding of the Elf City.
[03:39] Next week we jump forward to November to learn more about the Ithell and Amlodd clans
[03:45] with everyone's favorite elf.