Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #113 - Plague's End, Clan Improvements & More

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 103: The Month Ahead July

[00:11] This week Mod Mark talks Plagues End, Soul Reaper and a Reworked Barbarian Assault
[00:16] as well as a a whole host of other updates coming this August.
[00:20] It's another epic milestone for questers this month as we bring you "Plagues End",
[00:25] the exciting conclusion to RuneScape's longest running and most involved quest series,
[00:31] which began with Plague City back in 2002.
[00:35] Is a Grandmaster quest, requiring level 75 in 10 different skills
[00:40] and will see you start a revolution, complete tricky light puzzles, fight a fiendish boss,
[00:45] search the world for the lost leaders of the fabled elf clans
[00:49] and finally come face to face with the dark lord
[00:52] that's been troubling those elves and Ardougne for many an age.
[00:55] Earn rewards voted by you through the polls and prepare yourself for finally entering the elf city later in the year!
[01:03] The elves aren't the only ones to breathe life into their clans this month
[01:07] in a totally separate update you'll be able to benefit from a huge range of improvements and updates
[01:13] to the player run clans that we've been discussing with you on the forums over the last year.
[01:18] There's a rework to the clan camp, new Vex stands in Burthorpe,
[01:22] increased XP return from skill plots in your citadels,
[01:25] increased XP buffs, heals and damage protection from your clan avatar,
[01:29] and increased XP from your clan cloak and quartermaster, which is the replacement for the old clan ring.
[01:36] We're also making some more functional improvements to the clan's system
[01:40] like adding a link to the clan homepage via the vex interface and a load of other things.
[01:46] There's also plenty of podcasts and competitions as we get ready for the Clan Cup later in the year.
[01:51] I encourage you all of you clans to get practicing for that cup at the beginning of September.
[01:56] There's never been a better reason to start recruiting for your clan or join a clan if you're not already in one.
[02:02] Perhaps you've got a citadel that you've been neglecting?
[02:05] Go and give it some TLC
[02:08] The ninjas have been busy too, bringing you a slayer update were calling "Soul Reaper".
[02:13] You see, death is getting a little frustrated with the amount of life these boss monsters have,
[02:18] so he wants you to kill them.
[02:19] All. Lots. And Lots.
[02:21] As a reward for completing his special assignments, he's happy to offer fat chunks of slayer XP
[02:27] and give you access to a brand new gem, capable of being crafted into some tasty high level,
[02:33] top tier jewellery, far more powerful than the onyx gear you have available right now
[02:37] although still requiring the addition of onyx to craft.
[02:40] You'll also be able to earn larger bonuses to your health in PvM battles via the bonfires
[02:45] and get access to some new stats showing you your best times for killing each boss
[02:50] and a record of how many times you have killed them.
[02:53] After an amazing pitch last year at RuneFest's "Dragons Den" style competition,
[02:58] we've taken barbarian Assault and shoved it down the gullet of a penance runner.
[03:02] It's been slashed viciously by a penance fighter, gnawed on by a healer,
[03:07] eyeballed by a spawn and reborn by a penance queen, more deadly and rewarding than ever before.
[03:13] Take on the "hard mode" to fight the penance king, using all the teamwork you can muster!
[03:17] Dual wield flamethrowers!
[03:19] Experience a shiny new environment and updated rewards!
[03:23] The whole minigame is really quite fantastic and all the feel and vibe of the original game is still there, it's just even more MEGA.
[03:31] There's absolutely no level requirements to go try Barbarian Assault so there no excuse!
[03:37] Don't forget that were also releasing a huge amount of dormant account names for you to use
[03:42] and making some significant changes to the adventurers log, like being able to see your skill history.
[03:47] You'll be able to find some brand new wings and tails to play about with in Solomons store this month,
[03:52] and were releasing our 1000th music track, a real labour of love from our cracking audio team.
[03:59] Hopefully you'll be able to recognise some of our inspiration and even hear quite a few JAGEX voices involved in the track.
[04:05] Don't forget the SWEEET new emote for it too!
[04:07] That's it from me! Enjoy this fantastic summer!
[04:11] Wooters Out.
[04:11] Next week in a change to our planned release we'll be delving into Plagues End,
[04:16] the quest that concludes Runescapes longest running quest series and finally opens the gates to the Elven City.