Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #112 - The Lair of Araxxor

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 112: Araxxor's LAir

[00:11] This week, Mod Chris L braves the depths of Morytania in search of a creature so horrifying a change of underwear might be advisable.
[00:19] Last year we were really focused on group bosses like Vorago, Kalphite King, Rise of the Sixth,
[00:23] and, whilst the groups got smaller in those encounters, people really wanted a solo boss.
[00:27] And that's what we have been focusing on this year.
[00:34] Araxxor is an ancient horror located beneath Morytania.
[00:38] Even the vampires fear this guy.
[00:39] I went with a spider because people are generally creeped out by spiders.
[00:43] They're creepy and they move like they have broken bones and the animation team can really enforce that.
[00:48] As you move around his encounter, as he does his attacks, he's just generally freaking you out.
[00:53] And there's a lot of environmental stuff going on like bodies and cocoons and webs,
[00:57] just trying to push a bit more scare and fear into a fight, rather than it's just a big scary monster.
[01:02] It's more creeping you out as you go through it.
[01:04] I've built Araxxor in a way where it's really a build-a-boss fight.
[01:07] He has stages and he has mechanics but I'm really trying to give power to the players, if you'll excuse the cliché.
[01:11] Players can really build this boss the way they want.
[01:14] They can choose to deal with mechanics early, late, half here, half there,
[01:18] and how they deal with these mechanics and what's left over will influence the final of the Araxxor fight.
[01:23] I really like involving the environment as part of the boss fight.
[01:25] With Vorago we went down the boar hole, really vertical,
[01:28] and now with Araxxor we are going horizontal, so we're going across the Araxxi hive.
[01:31] It's got a really expansive cavern system and it's got three main tunnels that you can choose to take Araxxor down.
[01:37] So, again, the choice is the players',
[01:39] and when you drag him through the hive, he will gain mechanics based on which path you've chosen.
[01:44] You'll be able to smash walls, drain acid, blow up ramps, all this sort of stuff,
[01:48] and that's based on your decision and how you choose to pull him through the fight.
[01:57] Araxxor will be the hardest solo boss on release.
[01:59] There's even extra challenge if you choose to scale it up and go into duo mode.
[02:02] All of the mechanics that Arraxor has will be doubled.
[02:04] If they do double, damage to the environmental attacks you'll get double minions spawn you have to drain more acid and all the mechanics get doubled.
[02:11] Even his generic attacks will do more damage and you have to stick together to mitigate that damage.
[02:16] So, it's really about an increased challenge and working as a team and sticking together throughout the entire fight.
[02:21] If you're successful enough to defeat Araxxor, you'll have a chance to unlock level 90 two-handed weapons.
[02:25] They then drop as the weapon, you get three parts which build the stick
[02:29] and then you can choose to add the final component to build the melee, ranged, or magic weapon.
[02:34] It's sort of like building a godsword, but the hilt influences which class it goes into rather than which god it is.
[02:39] And there's also chance of getting a rare pet like Vitalis from Vorago.
[02:42] However, rather than making it super rare, it's rare, but how difficult you make the boss influences the drop rate.
[02:49] If you do unlock the pet, there's also meta achievements, so you can come back to the boss fight
[02:53] and specific achievements will unlock more skins for the pet.
[02:56] The thing I'm most proud about with the Araxxor fight and the thing I'm most looking forward to is the excitement people will have out of the build a boss mechanic.
[03:02] All the guys I've seen in the office are having a real blast, picking that permutation and dragging him through the different paths,
[03:08] and choosing how they fight him and how it all plays out is quite fun to watch
[03:12] and hopefully really streamable as well.
[03:14] The other thing I'm really proud about is something I can't even talk about in this video
[03:18] and when it goes live players will find out for themselves.
[03:24] So, that's Araxxor. You'll be able to face your fears in two weeks when he hits the game.
[03:37] Next week, we return to the Elf City to learn about the next two elven families.