Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #111 - Araxxor, Royal Rhinos & Adventurer's Log

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] this week sees the return of the one the
[00:13] only mod mark he's back to talk combat
[00:17] rhinos and giant spiders we're in for
[00:21] the last few weeks of development on
[00:23] legacy mode following several big
[00:25] patches to the beta and your
[00:26] overwhelming 80% votes in the recent
[00:29] poll for the feature your feedback has
[00:31] been fantastic and we've been
[00:33] implementing all the last bits of
[00:34] feedback including adding the old
[00:36] animations and old combat stance and
[00:38] fixing the final bugs ready for launch
[00:41] later in July legacy is an optional
[00:44] game-mode that brings back the feel of
[00:46] the game from 2012
[00:48] it's got level 138 combat special
[00:50] attacks and an old style main game
[00:53] screen and we've been working with the
[00:55] community on the beta servers to get it
[00:57] as near as we possibly can to the game
[00:59] that you told us you wanted back now all
[01:02] of these options are entirely optional
[01:04] aside from the 138 combat change and the
[01:07] addition of special attacks which
[01:08] applies to the whole game so if like
[01:11] thousands of others you still like using
[01:13] EOC then carry on that experience won't
[01:16] have changed if you're one of the
[01:18] players who've returned to try out
[01:20] legacy we've got a range of videos a new
[01:22] gear guide tool and information to help
[01:25] you catch up and what's been going on
[01:27] recently welcome home in mauritania
[01:30] vampires are scared of only two things
[01:33] the first of the powerful merciless
[01:36] heroes that roam the lands trying to
[01:38] free their blood sacks the second is far
[01:41] more terrifying a nightmare tale of webs
[01:44] legs and death even his name makes the
[01:48] undead shiver Iraq sore is here and he
[01:51] never likes sharing the limelight it's
[01:53] time for these heroes to die later this
[01:56] month we introduced the latest of our
[01:58] epic new boss monsters capable of
[02:01] changing his entire strategy and attack
[02:03] styles in each battle that you fight
[02:05] growing in power as you do overall his
[02:09] entire den of
[02:11] minions can vary every few days forcing
[02:14] different routes to be explored and
[02:16] different tactics to be used if you want
[02:18] a taste of that precious loot and boy
[02:21] what loot it is with unique pets and a
[02:25] drop table even more generous than the
[02:27] lucrative qbd you can gain access to our
[02:30] brand new level 90 two-handed weaponry
[02:33] one for each combat class each one is
[02:36] built from the rare parts of the layers
[02:38] evil inhabitant this one's gonna be
[02:41] amazing we look forward to hearing your
[02:43] streaming screams of Terror echoing
[02:46] around the globe
[02:51] talking of streaming we're launching our
[02:54] twitch integration project this month -
[02:56] accessible via the community tab the new
[02:59] twitch page will allow you to simply
[03:01] enter your twitch login details pick a
[03:04] stream name and then off you go
[03:05] streaming your gain to millions of
[03:08] potential viewers it's a fantastic way
[03:10] of getting into streaming for the first
[03:12] time and can also be used to find other
[03:15] runescape twitch users - in partnership
[03:18] with our friends from the United for
[03:21] Rhino charity and the Royal Foundation
[03:23] you'll be able to visit conservationists
[03:26] in burthorpe to answer questions about
[03:28] the real world fate of the Rhino get
[03:30] some answers right and you'll be able to
[03:32] adopt an in-game rhino with the most
[03:35] knowledgeable earning the rare black
[03:37] rhino for the first month that will act
[03:39] as an XP boost for all skills and even
[03:42] act like a beast of burden before
[03:44] becoming a cosmetic only pet at the end
[03:46] of the month and we're not finished
[03:48] there why not take your Rhino to one of
[03:51] the Rhino themed community meetups or
[03:53] try out one of our new community voted
[03:56] seasonal high schools taking on all
[03:58] undead to compete for the crown of
[04:00] legends there's a new look lobby coming
[04:04] out and we're updating the display name
[04:06] system and freeing up more names from
[04:08] dormant accounts we're adding a boss
[04:10] kill timer and the adventurers log is
[04:12] getting a much needed lick of paint
[04:14] so there's improvements almost
[04:16] everywhere you look this month Solomon
[04:18] is also getting in on the community
[04:20] action showcasing our first player
[04:22] designed pet void themed
[04:25] trauma and improved flexibility with the
[04:28] dragon keepsake boxes allowing up to 20
[04:30] items to be stored and allowing you to
[04:33] store multiple items of the same type
[04:35] this is mod mark signing off won't allow
[04:41] next week mod elf born will be back once
[04:43] more with the latest from the elf city
[04:45] and if you'd like to win yourselves to
[04:47] all-expenses-paid tickets to this year's
[04:50] runefest then enter our wish you were in
[04:52] runescape video competition just click
[04:55] the link below and you'll be one step
[04:57] closer to meeting all your favourite
[04:59] j-mods