Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #110 - Skillchompas, the Authenticator

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] we hear it behind the scenes appreciate
[00:13] how busy you guys all are with the
[00:15] legacy beta so we put together a sneak
[00:17] peek of what's coming to you next week a
[00:19] glorious mix of apps and explosions
[00:22] whereas most chin chompers yearn to
[00:25] connect with another living being
[00:26] although admittedly in a violent
[00:28] explosion skill chompers yearn to
[00:30] connect with inanimate resources in a
[00:32] similarly violent explosion to catskill
[00:40] chompers you'll need box traps as before
[00:42] and you'll need level 27 4668 or 89
[00:46] hunter respectively to animal the tier
[00:47] you're after and to use them you'll need
[00:50] levels 3141 51 or 61 on the relevant
[00:54] skill you're using them on to use your
[00:56] new skill Chomper just equip it go for
[00:58] the resource point you want to harvest
[01:00] and watch them leap from your fingertips
[01:01] towards their glorious fire filled
[01:03] destiny the skills you can use your
[01:06] skill chompers on on divination
[01:07] woodcutting mining and fishing your
[01:10] skill chompers provide various bonuses
[01:12] first of all they add ten percent to the
[01:14] base experience if you succeed you get
[01:16] token experience if you fail so it's win
[01:18] win and you'll forget an extra chance to
[01:20] catch fish and an extra chance to get
[01:23] enriched members don't worry lots of
[01:26] animals were harmed in the making of
[01:28] this update in the QA phase over a
[01:30] thousand skilled chompers a day or
[01:32] horribly exploded but don't worry they
[01:35] do love it though I mean there's no
[01:36] evidence for this but it is scientific
[01:38] fact that they love explosion the
[01:42] runescape eccentric here is a new
[01:44] service that we've built to add extra
[01:45] security to your runescape account
[01:47] you'll use code from your phone each
[01:50] time you log in on a new computer the
[01:52] benefits of using the Authenticator are
[01:54] that it makes sure account much more
[01:56] secure so it's going to become much more
[01:58] difficult for someone to hijack or get
[02:01] into your account and if you've been
[02:02] using jag in the past then you'll notice
[02:04] the
[02:04] much much simpler each time you log in
[02:06] on a new computer so to set up the
[02:08] authenticator you need to come to the
[02:10] Rings get website and go to your account
[02:12] settings page from there we'll give you
[02:15] a link to install an app on your mobile
[02:16] phone once the app is installed you'll
[02:19] scan code from the website using the
[02:22] camera on your phone and then all you
[02:24] need to do is type the code that your
[02:25] phone is showing on a screen into the
[02:27] website the whole setup process will
[02:29] take no longer than a couple of minutes
[02:31] each time you log in on a new computer
[02:33] you'll be prompted for the code from
[02:35] your phone if you lose your phone you
[02:37] don't need to worry you'll still be able
[02:39] to get into your account you'll just
[02:40] need to reset the system by email we're
[02:44] going to be turning off jag later this
[02:45] summer so if you're currently using it
[02:47] then you should upgrade to a center
[02:48] Gator as soon as possible we wanted to
[02:52] do this because we want everyone's
[02:53] account to be as secure as possible and
[02:55] that really does mean everyone free to
[02:58] play members runescape and old school
[03:01] everyone will be able to use the offense
[03:03] Gator even if you never use jag you
[03:05] should still sign up for a syndicate er
[03:07] it's really easy to set up it's free and
[03:09] then your account will be much more
[03:11] secure we finally managed to gain access
[03:14] into the Elven city and it truly is a
[03:17] sight to behold from next Friday we'll
[03:19] be starting our new behind-the-scenes
[03:20] special series rotor / finis starring
[03:23] Dave Oh AKA mod elf born this BTS
[03:27] special series will run every other week
[03:29] from next Friday in place of the usual
[03:31] show so to ensure you stay informed of
[03:33] what's in the weeks ahead make sure you
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[03:43] you