Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #10 - The Gielinor Games

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:01] Behind the Scenes - Gielinor Games
[00:06] Welcome to RuneScape: Behind The Scenes.
 This week, it's all about the Gielinor Games
[00:11] where contestants from all over the globe
 come together to compete, testing their skill, courage and ingenuity.
[00:18] Barring some bruised egos and a few broken noses,
it should prove to be a lot of fun.
[00:23] First, you'll want to head on over to Varrock Square,
 where you'll find six people recruiting factions.
[00:28] Uniki, Mudfoot, Sunnel, Larsa, Oluien
and Mikael will be the people to speak to
[00:34] and they'll be the delegates representing Monkeys,
Goblins, Vampyres and Elves amongst others.
[00:39] You can then get stuck into as many of the events on
 offer as you like and we guarantee you won't be doing anything as boring
 as throwing a stick or jumping into a sandpit.
[00:48] You'll be able to try your hand at Head to Head,
where it's not just about speed but also tactical thinking.
[00:53] Can you make the best of your current situation in the race?
[00:56] When should you hold back and when's that perfect moment
to taunt your opposition and put them off their stride?
[01:02] Cheese-Wheel Racing is similar to the annual event in England's
 Gloucestershire but without the inevitable broken legs.
[01:08] However, you will still be rolling a big cheese down a hill
and chasing after it at about a billion miles an hour.
[01:14] It's bonkers, but strangely enjoyable!
[01:17] There are also marathons taking place all over Gielinor throughout the Games.
[01:21] Cross-world messaging will help you keep track
of when and where they're happening,
[01:25] and there just may be a few J-mod run events with
some prizes up for grabs if you're feeling particularly sporty.
[01:31] There are three tiers to take part in,
[01:33] the Bronze race which has you running over the free-to-play map,
[01:36] the Silver race where you'll be puffing and
panting over the entire members map,
[01:40] and the Gold race, where you'll run for your life through the wilderness.
[01:44] Just be sure to travel light as for the player
killers out there, you could prove easy pickings!
[01:49] You will, of course, be rewarded for your efforts
- and taking greater risks means greater rewards.
[01:54] Each event you will earn you contribution points, which can be
traded for athlete's outfits, rings, torches and your very own
 Gielinor Games emotes!
[02:03] You can get involved with the Gielinor Games from next week.
Have fun and play nicely!
[02:07] Join us next week when we'll bring you more from Behind the Scenes of RuneSape.