Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #109 - Legacy Combat Beta

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] unless you've been hiding under a
[00:12] lodestone you'll know that the legacy
[00:15] beecher is hitting runescape next week
[00:16] behind the scenes caught up with the
[00:18] combat team to delve into the detail
[00:21] legacy is a new mode within runescape
[00:24] it's going to allow you to play the game
[00:25] with a more traditional look and feel
[00:27] with all the cell interfaces slow-paced
[00:29] combats you're going to be able to slay
[00:31] like used to you can be able to go to
[00:32] corp and god wars and kill them like you
[00:34] used to you'll be able to go out to
[00:36] edgemere with your friends and PK like
[00:38] you used to it's about giving you a
[00:39] familiar experience that you're just
[00:41] comfortable we know a lot of people
[00:43] didn't feel comfortable with the changes
[00:44] we made over the past couple of years
[00:45] bringing in abilities and making combat
[00:48] more high-intensity new interface that
[00:50] you can customize and all over the
[00:51] screen so we decided to create a mode
[00:54] that makes you feel at home lets you
[00:56] play the game the way you like to play
[00:57] it and still have the updates that we
[00:59] roll out every week last month we
[01:01] invited a lot of players into the office
[01:05] to try our legacy mode and give us their
[01:06] thoughts on it good players from a lot
[01:09] of backgrounds plays they used to play
[01:10] before you see players that still play
[01:12] nowadays and then had feedback sessions
[01:14] they told us what they thought what we
[01:16] should be doing what we shouldn't be
[01:17] doing that feedback was very valuable to
[01:20] us in fact we even push back the beta to
[01:22] get that feedback in the core component
[01:25] of legacy mode right off the bat you're
[01:26] going to notice that the interface has
[01:28] changed so it's going to go back to the
[01:30] old system wave a nice round mini-map
[01:31] you've got the fixed side menus and the
[01:34] chat down and bottom left but also
[01:36] you're going to notice that the combat
[01:37] is back to what it used to be so you're
[01:38] going to go back to auto attacks and
[01:41] special attacks AC will have the special
[01:43] attacks but in legacy mode you're going
[01:45] to find that your auto attacks it in
[01:46] your special attacks are going to be
[01:47] beefier so that you can fight alongside
[01:49] the EOC on an equal footing for initial
[01:51] legacy launch we're just going to be
[01:52] giving you the old special attacks that
[01:54] you had however in future and with
[01:56] current weapons such as dry Gore's size
[01:58] makes an dissensions we're going to look
[02:00] at giving you special text as someone
[02:02] this place it's classic it's been really
[02:03] nice seeing some of the old organic
[02:05] things coming back I remember when we
[02:07] brought the AGS back from
[02:08] time around my computer just doing it
[02:10] again and again and again it was really
[02:12] good to see it back together with legacy
[02:14] mode become a bunch of other changes we
[02:16] bring you back to all the hits flats the
[02:18] all the mini map icons and also 9 99
[02:21] points and this is both available in
[02:23] fixed width and resizable modes this
[02:25] also seemed like a prime opportunity to
[02:27] introduce a number of other global
[02:28] changes along with special attacks so
[02:30] the beat will also include 138 combat
[02:32] and strength bonuses which will replace
[02:33] critical hit chance we want to keep
[02:36] making improvements to combat especially
[02:37] for PvP starting next week we're opening
[02:40] up the legacy beta it's going to be open
[02:42] for everyone both members and free to
[02:44] play and to access it all you have to do
[02:46] is go to the main website and click the
[02:47] button start on legacy mode all you have
[02:49] to do is to go into game or combat
[02:51] settings and take the checkbox players
[02:54] want to give feedback they can just do
[02:55] it the usual way reddit Twitter or
[02:58] internal forums so be sure to get in
[03:00] give us your feedback let us know how
[03:02] you want your legacy to be legacy beta
[03:05] will be live from Monday so head on over
[03:08] to the runescape website to try it out
[03:10] for yourself and don't forget to Like
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[03:13] with everything moonscape
[03:22] Oh