Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #108 - The Mighty Fall

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] this week we put down the cameras and
[00:13] pick up our broad swords as
[00:15] behind-the-scenes steps into the arena
[00:16] to look at the development of the mighty
[00:19] fall
[00:25] well then two vandals died but we never
[00:28] found out what happened to his followers
[00:31] the method for the mode for was to
[00:33] introduce some new characters wrap up
[00:35] some characters storylines and also to
[00:37] give a very bandaging farewell tube and
[00:40] lots there's a power vacuum and someone
[00:42] needs to fill it and the player decides
[00:44] to run an ancient bandos in tournament
[00:46] to see who's gonna be the real leader of
[00:47] the van Dusen's in the past most of our
[00:51] content updates like when developed
[00:54] principally by a single content
[00:55] developer they've also supported by a
[00:57] team of QA and artists to help them but
[00:59] the vision has often been held by a
[01:01] single person with the mighty fall we
[01:03] developed it as a team of content
[01:05] developers there were two designers and
[01:07] three developers so it was really cool
[01:08] having QA is concept artists
[01:11] environmental enticed coming together
[01:13] telling us so how you would look
[01:15] in shaping the story helping this sort
[01:17] of flesh out base in early design stage
[01:20] this meant that we could do a lot at the
[01:21] same time otherwise one person would be
[01:23] doing one after the other so while I was
[01:25] writing dialogue more degg was able to
[01:27] update the areas more doctor was able to
[01:28] meet the boss fights while more Timbo
[01:30] worked on the finale we had a lot of
[01:31] discussions about how the flight should
[01:34] flow about how the question resolve and
[01:36] how brutal at certain cutscene should be
[01:39] at the end
[01:41] it's very important to us to include as
[01:43] many band-aids in characters that we
[01:44] could think of burnison zanuck obviously
[01:47] have a long history so we had to include
[01:49] her but personally I was more excited to
[01:51] explore some of the Alpha bandeau since
[01:52] we've seen they've always been portrayed
[01:54] as boneheaded villains but some of them
[01:56] like Zara door that we've brought back
[01:58] with other than to actually prove that
[02:00] that's not always the case zanuck has
[02:02] quite prominently they're blaming her
[02:04] for the death of vandals grado is a
[02:06] leader of the army and then everyone
[02:09] else is sort of cheerleaders we have my
[02:10] arm and back me sort of cheering you
[02:12] want at the sidelines Zenit received a
[02:14] full graphical update for this quest and
[02:16] I think some people were surprised to
[02:18] learn that she's actually female that
[02:20] wasn't necessarily clear from a really
[02:22] old model we can also blame my mark for
[02:24] if the potentially quite brutal ends
[02:26] that she can be speaking of brutal ends
[02:28] players voted that they wanted to
[02:30] include yelps in a quest and we've given
[02:32] them the chance to choose his fate but I
[02:35] don't really understand why any player
[02:37] would choose to kill him look into his
[02:39] beautiful lies in the money falls are
[02:42] three different combat encounters we
[02:44] made sure that every single bite felt
[02:46] different if from mechanically and
[02:47] thematically we have yelps at the
[02:49] beginning who is very cowardly text bit
[02:51] of beating do double damage against him
[02:53] we have Lola troll who is huge troll
[02:56] doesn't move throws rocks very
[02:58] environmental based and of course we've
[02:59] got grotto my favorite off the boss
[03:01] fights is Grodd or because he's massive
[03:03] he's brutal and he doesn't even care
[03:06] he's just going to smash the Orion or
[03:08] apart we're trying to figure out the
[03:10] difficulty for something like a quest
[03:12] boss will show it to the questors first
[03:14] and let them figure out the difficulty
[03:16] before we give it to the pv emma's who
[03:18] are going to try and break it so of
[03:20] course we have live data about my for
[03:22] quests and where players are and how
[03:23] well they getting stuck and so far it's
[03:26] going quite well players are getting to
[03:27] take a hell of a lot on grado
[03:29] unsurprisingly but there are people
[03:31] stopping yelps as well maybe he's
[03:32] spinning a little too fast
[03:34] the thing I enjoyed writing those during
[03:37] the quest was when the player goes
[03:38] around visits the other champions on
[03:39] nubia scan the trash talk each other
[03:41] before the fights I know you're not
[03:42] supposed to laugh at your own dialogue
[03:43] but my favorite thing in the quest is
[03:44] Farkle we Olga champion who doesn't
[03:46] impression at the player and goes haha
[03:49] me human me stupid me scared something
[03:51] like that with the becher of legacy mode
[03:54] quickly approaching behind the scenes
[03:56] will be back next week with all the
[03:58] latest news and more importantly details
[04:01] on when you can try it yourselves
[04:10] Oh