Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #107 - Summer of Decapitations and Giblets

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] let me guess you're wondering what
[00:13] fun-filled updates June has in store for
[00:15] you well Maude Osborne is here to tell
[00:17] you just that you lucky lucky people you
[00:22] might think it's the summer of love or
[00:23] football this year but we think it's the
[00:25] summer of decapitations and giblets
[00:27] wherever you look there's blood battles
[00:29] in chin Chomp is ensuring that this
[00:30] summer will be a blast in a really
[00:32] satisfying messy way so where better to
[00:35] start a combat thirsty video than the
[00:37] legacy mode beta for those of you not in
[00:40] the know legacy mode is a way of playing
[00:41] modern IRS but with a more traditional
[00:43] look and feel and without the need to
[00:45] learn the new combat system think of it
[00:48] as a middle ground between the old and
[00:49] the new includes the old resizable and
[00:52] fixed window interfaces ability this
[00:53] combat and life points back to a max of
[00:56] 990 it comes with improvements to all
[00:58] combat mates including special attacks
[01:00] critical chance of reverting to strength
[01:02] bonuses and it returns the 138 combat
[01:04] level formula as voted for by the
[01:06] players as you get your posterior handed
[01:09] to you on the beta service will be
[01:10] listening to your feedback to make sure
[01:12] we've mixed the old and new into a tasty
[01:13] combat pot our aim is to offer a combat
[01:16] mode that is immediately recognizable to
[01:18] veterans those who didn't get along with
[01:20] the OC or those who enjoy PvP to help us
[01:23] by getting involved with the beta when
[01:24] it's available later in G and so we come
[01:27] to a master quest the mighty fall which
[01:29] gathers up some of your favorite
[01:30] characters and chops them into battle
[01:32] zanuck Bork general Grodd or and others
[01:35] we joining you in a tournament to fight
[01:36] in band haces name it's here they have
[01:39] 20 new purpose and perhaps a new leader
[01:41] the quest about band oz was always going
[01:43] to be super brutal and the mighty fall
[01:45] was battle born it's on to the teeth
[01:47] with boss battles each more punishing
[01:49] than the one before you'll have to
[01:51] muster a brand new two-handed weapon the
[01:53] Kaiser if you ever want to see another
[01:55] room day the requirements are mighty and
[01:58] melee ranging from a tax 79 to Slayer 69
[02:01] you'll also need to complete chosen
[02:03] commander missing presumed death my arms
[02:04] big adventure and have defeated book
[02:07] and yes yelps will be taking part thanks
[02:09] for your votes in the power to the
[02:10] players poll they'll probably be a cue
[02:12] to give and OC and farewell next is
[02:15] something we think you'll like skill
[02:16] choppers when you absolutely positively
[02:18] have to explode every resource in the
[02:20] room accept no substitutes these are
[02:23] furry skilling buns to be used when
[02:25] mining fishing wood cutting and defining
[02:27] throw them in your chosen skill spot and
[02:28] bang the spot is gone that blasted into
[02:31] chunks of rings or skill choppers are
[02:33] caught with box traps same as chin
[02:35] jumpers and will require hunter levels
[02:36] ranging from 27 to 89 when use they'll
[02:40] give you plus ten percent XP in that
[02:41] skill and increased chance of skinning
[02:43] success and a higher chance of an
[02:45] enriched memory just don't look into
[02:47] their sad skill Chomper eyes as you
[02:49] throw them they really want to explode
[02:51] honestly and did you know the office
[02:53] city was coming this year we might have
[02:55] mentioned that somewhere to get in this
[02:56] city you'll need level 75 in 10
[02:58] different skills and we're helping you
[03:00] do that target with a road 12 city
[03:01] promotion by membership over the summer
[03:04] and you'll get a crystal amulet the
[03:06] rewards training with bonus XP and the
[03:07] skills required for the city you'll need
[03:10] to completely off quest series to access
[03:11] the other city including our upcoming
[03:13] Grandmaster L request so in anticipation
[03:16] of you playing these quests will be
[03:18] giving their locations a wonderful
[03:19] crystal light sheen this includes the
[03:21] underground pass Fletcher the Isleworth
[03:23] camp and the Temple of Ramat our audio
[03:26] team have also spritz the sounds and
[03:28] songs of the air Solomon's dome how to
[03:31] keep the brutal theme of the month
[03:32] you'll intimidate others with the by
[03:34] watch and a VNC outfits and there's a
[03:36] movie once survived from our animation
[03:38] team showcase including Frankenstein
[03:39] Wolfman and mummy tallies all in shorts
[03:42] and on versions and treasure hunter also
[03:45] ashes back the Lucky Clover promotion
[03:46] taking place over two weeks with
[03:48] sparkling new prizes and that's it so
[03:51] grab a kayak and a school Champa get
[03:53] involved in the legacy mode beta and go
[03:55] on a player killing spree
[03:57] they'll be more from behind the scenes
[03:59] and all the development team next week
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[04:13] you