Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #106 - Legacy Combat First Look

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] this week mods Dean Chris L and the team
[00:14] of players but legacy mode through its
[00:16] paces last few days you've had a load of
[00:19] players come in to check out a legacy
[00:21] mode we've got a really good mix up from
[00:22] combat to skiller to high-end video
[00:24] maker you know it's a really good
[00:26] balance of the community here in this
[00:28] room today legacy mode isn't pre EEOC
[00:31] it's a sort updated system but given you
[00:33] familiar combat familiar interfaces when
[00:36] you log on it should be as you remember
[00:38] it with all the cool benefits that come
[00:40] with Aras through player feedback is you
[00:42] know paramount to getting this right a
[00:44] lot of the things it's just us so far
[00:46] we've been you know looking old
[00:47] screenshots like an old game play a lot
[00:48] of us familiar with how it used to be
[00:50] obviously but you know getting players
[00:51] to confirm our thoughts to make sure
[00:53] we've got it right this is a very
[00:55] player-driven thing the guys voted it in
[00:56] January we need to deliver on their
[00:58] standards and that's why they're here
[01:00] today to help us we learned a lot from
[01:01] last year and sort of the EOC and all
[01:03] the beta that went with that the key
[01:05] thing was listening to our players what
[01:07] better way to do that and get them in be
[01:09] the first to actually play and give us
[01:10] feedback this is more than sort of
[01:12] opening up to the team these guys have
[01:14] seen it before half the development team
[01:15] in runescape been really great just to
[01:17] see the old style of combat which was a
[01:19] very much more relaxed style of combat
[01:21] come back into the game and work so
[01:23] fluidly with the current system and
[01:24] being able to interchange between the
[01:26] two has been really great I think the
[01:27] legacy mode is popular because a lot of
[01:30] people like that combat system they grew
[01:32] up playing that combat system and then
[01:33] when they changed a lot of people
[01:35] including myself stop playing runescape
[01:36] but now with legacy after playing it I
[01:38] might come back and play risk gave a lot
[01:40] more now I think it's doing a really
[01:41] great job of replicating how it used to
[01:43] be before evolution of combat came out
[01:45] legacy know has been really cool to use
[01:48] its feels like the old system again
[01:50] peaking has been so fun as well it's
[01:53] really nice to see the old interfaces it
[01:55] brings back a lot of memories I'm just
[01:56] really intrigued to see more people
[01:58] return to the wilderness rejuvenate a
[01:59] bit and actually make it that scary
[02:01] place you have to avoid if you want to
[02:03] keep your items it looks and feels like
[02:06] the old system and I'm
[02:07] really happy about that it's very close
[02:09] to what it used to be before maybe even
[02:12] better than what it used to be I'm
[02:13] really happy with how it's going all the
[02:15] feedbacks been really positive there's
[02:16] been things we have to work on but out
[02:18] the gate it looks like we're doing a
[02:19] really good job and everyone here seems
[02:21] to be enjoying it we've got tons of
[02:22] useful information it's a really
[02:23] poignant point some small details that
[02:25] are really going to make sort of that
[02:26] legacy package more compelling to those
[02:28] that either have dropped out of the game
[02:30] or dropped out of combat completely
[02:32] we're thinking weeks not months for the
[02:34] for the beater launching and you know
[02:37] the rest if we can be able to get in on
[02:38] that you want to get this beta really
[02:39] tight to your first impression is the
[02:41] best it possibly can be next week we'll
[02:45] be delving into June's biggest updates
[02:47] which might just include a new quest and
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[03:01] you