Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #105 - Dungeoneering Gets Ninja'd

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 105: Dungeoneering Spotlight

[00:11] This week Master Ninja Mod Asherz infiltrates Behind The Scenes to reveal the plans of the ninja team
[00:17] who've been lurking in the shadows ready to unleash a flurry of Dungeoneering based updates.
[00:24] This month the ninja team have been working on dungeoneering improvements,
[00:27] which range from new pets to new rewards.
[00:30] The dungeoneering updates were won as part of a player voted pole,
[00:34] this also ties in nicely with the end of the month we have a RuneScape road trip.
[00:40] We are doing double token XP's for sinkholes and dungeoneering and 50 percent bonus XP in sinkholes.
[00:47] The updates we implemented were based on a forum thread and a reddit post and anything that was most popular we implemented.
[00:56] We have done a lot of updates this month, a couple of my favourite are the interface rework for entering a dungeon,
[01:03] a new resource dungeon itself, a couple of new weapons and some armour and we have also got three brand new pets.
[01:09] The new pets we added are a Mini Blink, a Hope Devourer and a baby frost dragon.
[01:16] These were all based on a player pole as well, which we ran purely on the forums.
[01:21] I personally like Mini Blink, purely because Mod StuO and Mod Ana have done some great animations
[01:27] and some great chatter and it's just really fun for him to be running around aimlessly after you.
[01:33] As well as the new pets we have added, we have also added one new weapon
[01:37] which is the chaotic spear and six new necklaces.
[01:40] To create the chaotic spear player need to obtain the Zamoracian spear from God Wars,
[01:45] they then need to obtain ten chaotic spike from the Dungeoneering shop and combine the two.
[01:50] The chaotic spear is a level 80 melee weapon and we hope players will use it quite regularly against core beasts.
[01:56] There is also a brand new resource dungeon which is located south west of the teleport point into Daemonheim.
[02:03] Players will need level ninety Dungeoneering at minimum to enter this dungeon.
[02:07] Within the dungeon we have Kal'gerion demons, which have a combination of melee and magic attacks.
[02:12] They also have a really rare drop table including five new titles.
[02:17] There are also some gem rocks that the players can mine as well.
[02:20] The demons in the dungeon can be obtained as a slayer task, you will need level 90 slayer to obtain them
[02:26] but this will give you a good reason to keep going back to the dungeon.
[02:29] We have made some updates we like to call quality of life improvements;
[02:33] these include a range from the ability to skip floors with dungeon tokens,
[02:37] gold accumulator and we have got rid of all the messages at the beginning and made it into one nice new interface.
[02:43] Along with these updates we are also including the ability to recharge the hoard stalker ring, the ability to reset your Ring of Kinship,
[02:50] we have added a gem bag upgrade, we are adding bonfires inside dungeoneering.
[02:54] We are also allowing you to surge and escape inside the dungeon, we have also updated the hex hunter bow plus many more.
[03:03] If the players have any feedback or suggestions we have a brand new Ninja forum thread that players can post all of their ideas and feedback on to.
[03:11] The Ninja team will be keeping an eye on this post very closely.
[03:16] Don't forget that Dungeoneering week starts on the 26th of May so get yourselves over to Demonheim and start earning those extra tokens.
[03:24] Behind the Scenes will be back next week with more RuneScape based news
[03:27] and remember to click that subscribe button so you know as soon as it's released.