Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #104 - Ancient Combat

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] with the release of ancient combat
[00:12] edging ever closer behind the scenes
[00:15] track down mod rally and Raven to see
[00:17] why exactly friends gay is the must
[00:19] visit location from all Slayer lovers
[00:22] with ancient combat we wanted to
[00:24] introduce something zero seein again so
[00:27] this time round we introduced as a row
[00:30] seein combats a zero seein themed
[00:31] abilities or osteen themed enemies we
[00:33] like the idea of using most paranoia as
[00:36] a slayer target just because they're
[00:37] unique creatures in an interesting
[00:39] environment and we wanted to give
[00:41] players more reason to return to France
[00:43] gatepost waited for God's both the must
[00:45] burn then I he'll make all new Slayer
[00:47] targets because they're slightly
[00:48] different ways of fighting that we see
[00:49] what the Michael in particular have
[00:51] their own special attacks our own way of
[00:52] working the kind of buff one another new
[00:54] works a team which means it becomes not
[00:56] just a i will hit things with the sword
[00:58] Slayer target but it becomes attack you
[01:00] have to think about to be careful you
[01:01] have to use your skills carefully and
[01:03] plan ahead which makes them cool the bun
[01:04] to fight so there are four new combat
[01:06] familiars they're all based on the night
[01:08] he'll there's a blood nah he'll shadow
[01:10] night he'll smoke nah he'll and ice
[01:11] Nigel each of these is not only a murder
[01:16] misham any players who can tell them to
[01:18] face them so they can see how nasty
[01:20] these creatures are but each them has
[01:22] umbilical buffs so these will help
[01:24] improve your particular combat style if
[01:26] you're fighting in the same style as
[01:27] those familiars you unlock the alias
[01:30] first of all by completing fate of the
[01:31] gods which is a prerequisite to be able
[01:33] to create them and then you can find the
[01:35] components by fighting the Nile and
[01:37] fighting the Moscow as well there are
[01:39] some other awards available there are
[01:40] various things including the new Dragon
[01:42] weapons so we've got the Dragon Hastur
[01:44] coming from the mail Amos par dragon
[01:47] ward which is magical shield coming from
[01:49] the magic Misbah and the range buzzer
[01:51] drops main and offhand dragon throwing
[01:54] knives in addition to the Nile familiars
[01:56] and the dragon drops we've added to most
[01:58] part we've also added for autumn
[02:00] abilities with a zero sheehan theme we
[02:02] decided to base the general theme of
[02:05] these abilities on the ancient elements
[02:07] we've used Bloods and shadow and smoke
[02:09] for the damaged even ability
[02:10] and I have this kind of tendril theme
[02:12] where they'll whip it you and your
[02:14] opponent dealing both of you damage
[02:15] obviously more damage to the opponent
[02:17] than to you we also decided to sneak in
[02:21] the group heal ability which we calling
[02:23] ice asylum and the theme of this is that
[02:25] you summon a large crystal of ice that
[02:28] can heal you and nearby allies as well
[02:30] so I'm over the new abilities you just
[02:32] need to read the Codex of the martyrs
[02:34] book that you get both the dig site
[02:36] quest which has a little bit of law
[02:37] about a long dead God called Lorna it
[02:41] talks about a time when xerus was a bit
[02:43] more involved in in combat and fighting
[02:46] and where it was a bit more questionable
[02:48] in these methods between the ultimate
[02:50] abilities the new Slayer targets the
[02:53] drops almost par and the Nile familiars
[02:55] there should be something in ancient
[02:57] combat to appeal to everyone next week
[03:00] the ninja team will be here talking
[03:02] about okay has anyone seen the ninja
[03:04] team next week Dungeoneering probably
[03:09] guys