Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #103 - Divination, Ancient Combat & Dungeoneering

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] the runescape road trip ancient combat
[00:13] and a host of Dungeoneering improvements
[00:16] are just some of the things RuneScape's
[00:17] biggest face will be spilling the beans
[00:19] on this week my wicked will be tucking
[00:23] update after update at you throughout
[00:25] May and protect from range will not save
[00:27] you the first salvo comes from the
[00:30] runescape road trip which is happening
[00:32] right now and will have something to
[00:33] offer every day in May scoot over to the
[00:36] challenge mistress in birth org and gain
[00:38] hefty amounts of XP for the completion
[00:40] of in-game tasks every five tasks you
[00:42] tick off will unlock a new elements high
[00:44] ground fair and a monkey pet will be
[00:46] yours it can manage every task mrs. Dane
[00:48] you don't have to worry Jay mods will be
[00:50] on hand to stamp your road trip journals
[00:52] so you don't have to be available every
[00:53] day in make we have got plenty more to
[00:56] keep you busy with something we're
[00:57] calling ancient combat 15 updates all
[01:00] with a 0cm flavor there are three
[01:02] ultimate combat abilities voted for by
[01:04] you in February these will hurt you a
[01:05] little or damage your opponent's a lot
[01:07] making them risky but deadly also trying
[01:09] out something new with a constitution
[01:11] ability aite group heal this ultimate
[01:13] maps down a healing zone or generates
[01:14] anyone who touches it there are combat
[01:17] familiars to blood shadow ice and smoke
[01:20] and I he'll effectively next combat
[01:22] familiars we summoned by gathering drops
[01:23] from know he'll creatures kill enough
[01:25] ignore almost fine you might get lucky
[01:27] in the form of dragon Hastur dragon
[01:28] knives or dragon magic wards
[01:30] it also be unlockable celaya targets and
[01:32] the most bar would be the focus of new
[01:33] endurance high school table and
[01:34] nightmare title determined to release as
[01:38] many updates as they can in a single
[01:39] month the ninja team are offering an
[01:41] armory of dungeon area improvements
[01:42] there's probably more than could be
[01:43] mentioned in the 3-minute video but
[01:45] let's give it a go anyway so there's a
[01:47] new resource center new slayer task the
[01:49] ability to pay token skip floors a new
[01:51] Celtic weapon a gem bag upgrade new pets
[01:53] themed on dungeon your own creatures
[01:54] more skill Scrolls an item collector in
[01:56] the same vein as the bone crusher and
[01:57] dozens of nips tucks and improvements
[01:59] for the day-to-day delving of demon I'm
[02:02] even Ashdale has got a taste for multi
[02:04] update named the embossed of the shadow
[02:06] over ashdale quests will become a
[02:07] repeatable weekly encounter with juicy
[02:09] bonuses for defeating it you'll be able
[02:11] to hop onto an ash downloads lounge
[02:12] across parts for the crass games and
[02:13] rewatch cutscenes from shadow over
[02:15] ashdown all of this neglects to mention
[02:17] an update you already knew about older
[02:20] divination was delayed from april and is
[02:22] now the first update in men we apologize
[02:24] that we can get these high-level
[02:25] divination additions to you sooner but
[02:27] we will be attaching an early bird bonus
[02:29] to make up for so drop one of the new
[02:31] divine locations and will get double XP
[02:33] energy importance and divination
[02:35] implants be far more frequent so with so
[02:38] much going on this month there's bound
[02:39] to be something that catches your eye
[02:40] remember to keep stamping a road trip
[02:42] journal and have a marvelous may ancient
[02:46] combat is the name of the game next week
[02:48] so prepare yourselves for new abilities
[02:50] weapons familiars and all kinds of other
[02:52] lovely stuff ooh I can hardly wait
[03:03] you