Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #102 - Road Trip!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind the Scenes

  1. 102 RuneScape Road Trip

[00:11] Behind the Scenes couldn't help but notice that
May's calendar is looking particularly bonus-tastic,
[00:16] so we grabbed Mod Moltare to see what's occurring.
[00:20] Pick up your passport and catch the first flight to Gielinor,
the Runescape Road Trip is on the horizon...
[00:25] We're aware that May is a very busy time of year,
both at work, at school and at University.
[00:30] So we're making it easier to get all that work done
without missing out on any of that scapey' goodness.
[00:36] The runescape road trip is a host of
limited-time content available throughout May -
[00:40] the core of which is essentially a limited-time only task set.
[00:46] Members can claim from the challenge mistress in burthorpe
a road trip journal form
[00:50] which they may activate and complete one task a day
for experience and cosmetic rewards.
[00:55] Task you will be asked to complete range from the whimsical -
feeding many ducks within the time limit,
[01:01] through the mini-game based, completeing rounds of heist and
cabbage face punch bonanza,
[01:05] to the more core skills such as smithing your way
through a stack of metal bars.
[01:09] Every task you complete from the list will
grant you an experience lamp,
[01:13] every fifth task will unlock a piece of the cosmetic hiker outfit,
[01:17] and completing every task from the list will unlock the monkey pet.
[01:21] Players will also be able to find J-mods on duty at
various worlds at various times throughout May,
[01:26] be on the lookout for the schedule. J-mods will be able to
stamp off one extra task for you every day if found.
[01:32] Mod Infinity will provide you with a details of
how the community team will be helping you out in-game.
[01:39] The community management team will
be all over the runescape road trip,
[01:42] we'll be hosting our very own social media star passport
where you can get involved on
[01:45] facebook, twitter, vine and Instagram to
earn your very own social media stamp.
[01:50] More details about this can be found on
our forums and homepage so be sure to check it out.
[01:54] Another cool thing across the whole month is that
there will be loads of in-game activities and events,
[01:59] including passport stamping sessions where you can
get your passport stamped by a variety of different j-mods,
[02:04] and after those sessions we'll be hosting games like
castle wars and clan wars, so be sure to stick around for that as well.
[02:09] All you got to do is turn up, set which task you
want to be completed and let us do the rest.
[02:13] Full details of the events and stamping sessions
can be found on our forums so check it out.
[02:20] During the month there will also be a number of
limited-time only boosts to a wide variety of content.
[02:26] On the 3rd and 4th is slayer weekend.
[02:28] Double slayer reward points, 50% bonus
slayer xp across the board,
[02:32] improved drop tables, additional charm drops,
and increased benefit from the ring of wealth!
[02:38] The 10th and 11th is skiller weekend.
[02:40] Artisans workshop offers double experience and reputation,
[02:44] the runespan gives more points and more persistent nodes,
[02:47] pyramid plunder will give you a greater chance
of black ibis gear, sceptre parts, and jewelled relics.
[02:53] Divination enriched nodes will spawn every 10 minutes,
[02:56] fishing, divination, woodcutting and mining
resources will last longer and spawn quicker.
[03:01] And the big chinchompa will give 50% more experience.
[03:05] The 17th and 18th is mini-game weekend.
[03:08] Castle wars will grant an extra ticket per game,
[03:10] stealing creation, pest control, conquest and
soul wars will give double reward points,
[03:16] and for every boss you kill in the dominion tower
you'll score two towards unlocking rewards.
[03:21] From the 17th until the end of the month all ports
voyages will grant 30% extra trade goods and resources.
[03:27] And extra voyages every day.
[03:30] And during the final week of the month in conjunction
with the ninja team, dungeoneering week!
[03:36] Floors and sinkholes will offer double tokens.
[03:38] And sinkholes will give a 50% experience boost.
[03:42] We're bringing all of this to you to make sure there's plenty
to get stuck into in May, no matter how busy you are,
[03:47] so get yourself in gear, get yourself a
road trip journal and get stuck in!
[03:52] Last week's frame competition had a flurry of entries,
but alas, there can only be one winner.
[03:57] Or three. Let's go with three.
[04:00] Congratulations to King Jimmi, im a jogger and MissWabbit
for spotting a sad looking elf.
[04:06] T- shirts are on route to you!
[04:08] Keep an eye out for next weeks BTS,
where we'll be looking at the month ahead,
[04:12] hit the subscribe button and
you'll know as soon as it's released.
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