Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #101 - Shadow Over Ashdale

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] The citizens of Ashdale have disappeared and, as the work of a hero is never done, who better to get them out of a sticky situation?
[00:18] This week mods Goya and Stu talk bosses,
environments and visual storytelling.
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to win one of these limited edition T-shirts.
[00:28] So one of the things that makes this quest different
is that we've tried more visual storytelling,
[00:33] so that's less reliance on text and dialogue,
more the environment telling a story
[00:38] and, as you explore the environment and go through the quest
the story reveals itself to you. It's not just in words.
[00:46] So as an example of visual storytelling the player walks into a room
and we will use the camera to pan over to their destination,
[00:53] using that as a form of guidance rather than having a character in the room telling them how to solve a puzzle.
[00:57] It's a different kind of experience. It's something I don't think that we've done a lot of in RuneScape and I really wanted to try out.
[01:02] So, in this quest contact has been lost with Ashdale and obviously this has worried Gudrick
[01:07] and he wants somebody to go and check it out,
[01:11] see what's going on and see why contact has been lost.
[01:14] When you return to Ashdale, the environment is very different.
[01:18] The tutorial has a light and idilic fishing village atmosphere.
[01:23] During the quest, it's raining, it's stormy,
[01:25] there's a sense of an underlying threat hanging in the shadows.
[01:29] We realised we wanted to go back to the Ashdale area.
[01:31] What we can do inside of our tools, we can basically change lots of things.
[01:36] We wanted to make it a bit more foreboding for a new player.
[01:40] They're coming back to an area that is familiar, but it's got a different take on it and you're seeing an old area in a different light.
[01:47] In addition to returning to the surface of Ashdale, there'll be some new environments hidden away within the depths.
[01:53] It all starts talking to the designers and the concept artists.
[01:57] We decide what the players need to do in the area,
[02:00] where they need to go, what they need to be thinking.
[02:03] And then it's a collaboration between the designers in terms of what must happen for a player.
[02:08] And also the concept artists will come to us with artwork for what the area should look like.
[02:13] And then it's our job as environment artists to try to bring it all together.
[02:17] So as you explore the environment in the quest and as you progress throughout the story, you're going to see more of Ashdale and see more of the environment.
[02:25] You'll see all these interesting visual clues
[02:28] and things that have been left behind by others to help you piece the story together.
[02:34] We've created a new enemy for this quest.
[02:36] We won't go into too much detail in order to keep it mysterious
[02:39] but they're using a new texturing process that we have to make them look highly detailed, menacing, scuttling around in an evil fashion.
[02:47] They are something which is very ancient and very evil and they've got their own specific goal.
[02:56] That's something that as the player you'll be trying to prevent in the quest.
[03:00] This is quite a combat-heavy quest there's an escalation of fighting during the course of it and it'll conclude with a boss fight.
[03:06] The boss looks really awesome.
It's on a massive scale.
[03:11] There's a lot of elements to designing a boss battle.
[03:13] And that includes what kind of moves would this enemy do,
[03:18] what the mechanics you want are so what affects those moves will do
[03:22] and then the environment, what space you're working with during the encounter.
[03:27] And then you've got to think about the difficulty and bring all those things together to make a fun boss fight.
[03:32] It's definitely more than players are used to at the end of a quest
[03:34] it's more akin to a repeatable boss encounter you might have.
[03:37] It's really big, really visually impressive
and we can't wait for everyone to see it.
[03:41] So the new quest features new enemies,
a new boss fight at the end which is really cool,
[03:46] something i'm really excited about is all the visual storytelling we've done with this
[03:49] and all the cool and exciting environments we've made for the quest.
[03:52] And there's a mystery. Who doesn't like a good mystery?
[03:54] So you get to explore and find out what's happened to the people of Ashdale.
[03:58] It's find the frame time again.
[04:00] Just watch through this episode
and find the image that doesn't belong.
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and tell us what you saw
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