Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #100 - Cabbage Face Punch Bonanza

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 100: Cabbage Face Punch Bonanza

[00:11] This week Behind the Scenes reaches episode 100!
[00:14] That's over 400 minutes of RuneScape goodness, which is enough to send anyone a little bit bananas.
[00:20] So it's lucky Mod Moltare is here to talk monkeys and cabbages....
Just another day at the office then.
[00:26] And make sure you keep watching to find out how you can win some great RuneScape prizes.
[00:31] This week's update is the Cabbage Face Punch Bonanza spring event which is available to free players and members.
[00:37] The two gods who find themselves in conflict in this event are Marimbo, the gorilla goddess of the apes of Ape Atoll,
[00:43] and Brasica Prime, the cabbage god of deliciousness.
[00:46] It seems the two gods saw the previous conflicts in the sixth age
[00:50] and sort of got the wrong end of the stick and thought that it would be great fun, and so they're in a strange sort of conflict now.
[00:58] Anyone who's played playground classics, such as British bulldog will be instantly familiar with the new mini-game,
[01:04] as long as their version of British bulldog featured flame jets and cauldrons that fire cabbages at you.
[01:09] You start in a massive underground arena with safe zones at each end,
[01:13] it's your job to get from one safe zone to the next without falling foul of the hazards and within a time limit.
[01:19] Alongside the hazards in the arena you'll find resources: cabbage ore veins, wishing cabbage bushes and monkey minions.
[01:26] Collecting from those resources or punching the monkeys in the face
[01:30] will grant you trophies that will increase your score and therefore your rewards.
[01:34] Players who fall foul of the hazards too often, or who are caught outside the safe zone when the time limit reaches zero
[01:39] will be transmogrified into a gorilla guard.
[01:42] Whilst a gorilla guard you can punch other players in the face to earn yourself more points and help bring the round to a speedy conclusion.
[01:49] You can also booby trap resources nodes, which will explode on players who gather from them in a shower of bananas.
[01:55] In the arena you'll have access to passive and active abilities to give you a bit of an edge.
[01:59] Some of those you'll have access to immediately, some you can buy with renowned points you earn.
[02:03] One round of Cabbage Face Punch Bonanza lasts for 10 crossings or until everyone is eliminated,
[02:08] and the longer you can stay in, the quicker your points will go up.
[02:12] Whilst the spring event portion of this update will only last for 2 weeks, the contest between the gods, the minigames itself will remain forever.
[02:20] From the permanent minigame you'll be able to buy bonus experience in Mining, Slayer and Farming,
[02:26] as well as the items voted for in the recent Power to the Players poll - the patch bomb Slayer VIP ticket and seed-a-cide.
[02:33] For two weeks only during the event you'll also be able to buy cosmetic cape overrides for your chosen faction and unlock a themed emote.
[02:41] I've just one piece of advice for our players: beware of the gorilla.
[02:48] To win yourself some goodies from the RuneScape vault then simply find the hidden frame in this video.
[02:53] Email [email protected] telling us what the picture is and where you saw it.
[02:59] The winners will be announced next week, and speaking of winners the proud new owner of our BTS skill cape is the "realscapers", wear it with pride!
[03:08] Next week a Shadow descends on Ashdale which can only mean something bad is afoot.