Transcript of RuneScape Behind The Scenes #185 - GameBlast and RuneMetrics

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Coming up on this week's Behind The Scenes, Mod Salyn is talking RuneMetrics.
[00:15] But first Mod Osborne's here with everything GameBlast
[00:18] and how you can take part in raising money for the incredible charity Special Effect.
[00:24] GameBlast is a crazy weekend where we do 24 hours of livestreams
[00:28] humiliating us and it's often insomnia-inducing, but it's all for a great cause.
[00:32] It's for a charity called Special Effect.
[00:35] Special Effect are a small charity with a big mission.
[00:37] Essentially what we want to do is help people with physical disabilities across the world
[00:42] to experience the kind of fun and enjoyment and inclusion that videogames brings to us.
[00:48] We will create, we'll match, we'll modify technology that will create a system exactly for them.
[00:54] We generally need to go out and see them wherever they are in the country. So we need teams to actually go out.
[00:59] Specialist teams with specialist skills like occupational therapy, like games technologists.
[01:05] It's not cheap. It's expensive. So every single penny that you give will go straight into that work.
[01:10] All the money that Jagex raised last year went towards helping us do more of the same.
[01:16] There are so many more people who need our help who are getting in touch.
[01:19] And the help that you've been able to give has been fantastic
[01:22] in putting petrol in the vans, in buying the equipment
[01:26] and just helping us to help more and more people to game.
[01:29] It's just more of the same and at the moment that's exactly what we need it for.
[01:33] Anyone can get involved in GameBlast.
[01:35] Just find out more at
[01:42] GameBlast kicks off on the 26th February at 12:00 noon game time.
[01:46] Make sure you are there.
[01:48] We've got a host of things going on.
[01:49] We've got celebrity streamers.
[01:51] We've got player-versus-Jmod challenges.
[01:53] We've got individual streams about things like bot busting.
[01:56] We've got a charity auction where you get to buy us doing things that are rather humiliating.
[02:00] And we've also got prize giveaways if you're looking for something unique.
[02:03] The best ways to get involved with GameBlast is to watch it on Twitch
[02:06] and also to tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter that it is going on.
[02:09] There's also competitions. Some fantastic ones that'll even maybe get a player to GameBlast.
[02:13] More importantly, we're opening the Well of Goodwill again.
[02:15] This means you can contribute items, gold and bonds,
[02:18] and we'll turn all of that into cash to donate to Special Effect.
[02:22] For many of you, GameBlast isn't just about the livestream.
[02:24] It's also about the Double XP Weekend, and that starts on the 26th of February.
[02:28] It'll be for all skills, Invention excluded, but that means you can get mad gains over that weekend.
[02:33] If you want to know more about GameBlast or Double XP Weekend, head to our website.
[02:36] If you want to know more about this fantastic cause, then go to Special Effect's website.
[02:39] And give generously to a charity that we really do feel passionately about and that is Special Effect.
[02:45] On Monday we'll be releasing RuneMetrics along with the game update.
[02:48] RuneMetrics brings an entire array of tools to the RuneScape interface,
[02:52] mainly the drop log, XP tracker and the 'estimated time to the next level'.
[02:57] But on top of that, it brings a range of tools to the website as well
[03:00] including historical data that's tracked as well as advanced drop logs and advanced kill logs too.
[03:05] RuneMetrics will be available to everyone but we'll also be releasing RuneMetrics Pro
[03:08] which gives you access to a bunch of advanced trackers both in game and online.
[03:12] RuneMetrics Pro costs one Bond per month,
[03:14] one Bond for two months if you're a Premier Club member
[03:16] or, if you prefer, you can subscribe via our billing system.
[03:19] RuneMetrics is designed to optimise your gaming experience.
[03:22] So, from being able to track in-game data,
[03:25] from your kill logs, to your XP, you'll be able to really find out what works for you,
[03:30] what works best in the time you have available,
[03:31] and make sure that the time you spend in Gielinor is the best possible.
[03:34] RuneMetrics will be really visible and easy to access.
[03:37] We're taking over the party icon on the ribbon at the bottom of the UI
[03:40] and replacing it with the RuneMetrics icon.
[03:42] This will open up the RuneMetrics interface as well as include links to the RuneMetrics web app.
[03:46] Don't forget that Premier Club members also get two weeks or RuneMetrics Pro for free
[03:49] which you'll get in a code that we'll email to you.
[03:52] Mod Mark's here next week taking a sneaky peak into the fantastic content coming to RuneScape in March.