Transcript of RuneScape BTS 21: The new KBD, new dungeons & new drops!!!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the scenes
King Black Dragon
[00:08] The King Black Dragon has undergone a makeover fit for his queen.
[00:11] And It's not just him either, with new KBD drops and a string of reworked Dungeons,
[00:16] Mod Alex R's been very busy...
[00:19] Haven't you Alex?
[00:20] The King Black Dragon content is one of the oldest pieces in our game.
[00:24] It's very popular with the players.
[00:25] With the recent release of the Queen Black Dragon, we felt that it was time
[00:28] that he really needed to be brought in line because he's looking a little old.
[00:32] We reworked the NPC, made him look a lot more impressive
[00:35] and made him more befitting of his high combat level and his stats.
[00:38] The animators have done an amazing job of really bringing him to life
[00:42] and giving him so much more power and aggression than he ever had before.
[00:45] We've reworked all of the animations for the KBD;
[00:48] the walk, the idle, all the combat animations, even the death animation,
[00:52] so when you're fighting the KBD things should look a lot more impressive.
[00:56] The guys had an interesting challenge obviously because the KBD
[00:59] has three heads and four legs and a tail and wings so there is a lot of stuff to go in there;
[01:04] a lot of stuff to be animated.
[01:05] The control skeleton alone is a very, very complicated piece of kit
[01:09] just to put enough controls in there to move those bones and those muscle groups around
[01:14] in an authentic and realistic kind of way.
[01:16] When you look to animate a dragon
[01:18] it's not as if you can go outside and film a dragon running around and eating things
[01:22] so you have to kind of look to other places for inspiration.
[01:26] So, one of the areas we looked at was dinosaurs and dinosaur documentaries
[01:30] because it has kind of roughly the same body shape and roughly kind of the same body mass and weight.
[01:35] Apart from the NPC we've really overworked the environment as well,
[01:38] trying to give it a real atmosphere that it never had before.
[01:41] We've really tried to bring it to life with lava glows and gave it a lot more height
[01:46] and overemphasised the aggressive nature that the NPC has to create a sense of danger and peril in the environment.
[01:52] We've given a visual rework to a bunch of other dungeons as well which will be going live at the same time.
[01:57] So, you've got the Taverley dungeon, the Brimhaven dungeon,
[01:59] The Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and the Chaos Tunnels as well.
[02:02] These are some of the oldest bits of content in the game so we really wanted to make them look good.
[02:06] Players should definitely go and check them out as soon as they get the chance.
[02:09] The King Black Dragon is still accessed exactly the same way as before.
[02:12] There's still the portal in the wilderness that has always been there
[02:15] however we've added a new entrance point by the wilderness wall near Edgeville.
[02:19] With risk comes reward so players willing to chance going through the wilderness
[02:22] and fighting through all the tough NPCs and the PKers that are always there
[02:25] will receive a plus 10% combat damage boost when they are fighting the King Black Dragon himself.
[02:30] What has changed is the drop table.
[02:32] The dragon kiteshield that players might have got from the Queen Black Dragon quest
[02:36] has got two new ornament kits so there's a gold one and a spiky one to make it look a little bit more unique.
[02:41] In a new twist, we've added Dragonrider boots and gauntlets
[02:47] which will offer the biggest prayer boost available from any equipment in that slot.
[02:51] The Dragonriders themselves are a new bit of lore that we're trying to add in.
[02:56] While we were doing the update we decided that to add a bit more story to it would be a good thing.
[03:01] It was a brilliant experience for the animators to have a chance to update
[03:04] such a classic, iconic RuneScape character and really kind of make him feel impressive again.
[03:11] He looks so much better than he did before so players should get out there now,
[03:14] fight him as soon as they can, collect their rare drops and have fun.
[03:19] There's a bumper edition of Behind the Scenes next week as yet another area gets a graphical overhaul,
[03:25] we get down with the Goblin flashmob and there's news on "What's Mine Is Yours"