Transcript of RuneScape BTS #216 - Christmas 2016

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] BEHIND THE SCENES #216: Christmas Event 2016
[00:11] With the Christmas holiday getting even closer
[00:14] we're feeling festive in the office this week
[00:17] as Mods Wolf and Tomb tell us all about this year's Christmas event.
[00:21] Over to you, chaps!
[00:23] Earlier this week, we released part one of Frostworlds,
[00:27] and the Christmas event, which is going down really well so far.
[00:29] And I'm looking forward to releasing part two later this week.
[00:32] For those that don't know, Santa's opened his Christmas wardrobes all around the world again, that you can enter
[00:37] and in there, in this Christmas neighborhood
[00:39] because the player's been such a good boy or girl this year
[00:42] he's allowing them to enter all the Christmas events from years past.
[00:45] For part one we've released the 2007, 2010 and 2011 event,
[00:49] and for part two which is coming out on the 19th of December
[00:52] there's one more year's event that's going to appear
[00:55] that might give a bit more of a hint to who the main antagonist was in part one.
[01:00] So after finishing part one,
[01:01] you'll get all the previous Christmas emotes,
[01:04] and you'll get a brand new Christmas emote. You'll get the ice weapon overrides.
[01:08] Also for coming back to the 2007 event, we'll unlock the snowglobe.
[01:13] Also after you've completed part one,
[01:15] you can go back to all of the old events that you've gone through with the quest
[01:18] and there'll be extra skilling locations, and kind of activities for you to do.
[01:22] For the 2007 one we'll go back, and there's prebuilt snowmen in the south of the area,
[01:27] and they're kind of an AFK skilling activity that the players can take part in.
[01:31] For the 2010 event, there'll be a seal sliding minigame
[01:34] which players can compete for points, and obviously, more points, more XP.
[01:37] For the 2011 event Kris and Kringle will need help catching their puddings again,
[01:42] and then hand them in to Kringle at the end for a big chunk of XP.
[01:45] So for part 2, you'll also receive a mystery pet which won't be revealed yet,
[01:49] and we'll unlock a new teleport override,
[01:51] similar to the Snowdrobe emote but it's got a bit of a twist on it.
[01:54] There are no requirements for the Christmas quest,
[01:57] everyone can jump in: 'Free-to-play'-ers, members,
[01:59] whoever you are, whatever your level is, you can jump in.
[02:01] As with all holiday events, this one is limited time
[02:05] so you have to get in there early before the 9th of January.
[02:08] For players that haven't participated in the events before,
[02:10] it's a great way of seeing what events used to be like,
[02:12] and for players who did play those events before, it's a nice little nostalgic trip for them.
[02:18] Keep your eyes peeled next week for our interactive video adventure, Sliske's Labyrinth,
[02:23] where you'll have a chance to discover some of the rewards from Sliske's Endgame,
[02:27] if you manage to reach the end!
[02:29] And join us next Friday as we will be bringing you the awesome trailer for Sliske's Endgame.