Transcript of RuneScape BTS #188 - An Eggciting Easter

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] we have a double whammy this week mod
[00:13] maelea will be here with slits gays
[00:15] Easter antics but first here's mod
[00:18] Krista with the hearts of Gillan or
[00:20] encampments I'm photo 17th were
[00:23] releasing an event to coincide with the
[00:25] new God Wars dungeon the heart of
[00:26] Gyllenhaal so players can corrugate
[00:28] there and do a bit of work before we
[00:31] actually get into the dungeon the
[00:33] objective of the event is to train a
[00:34] bunch of ragtag adventurers who will go
[00:37] into the new dungeon and also to create
[00:39] some statues of the bosses that are in
[00:41] the dungeon every day there are
[00:42] different skills to train every day
[00:44] there'll be a combat skill I'll change
[00:46] each day there will be a warning for
[00:48] people who don't want to get combat
[00:49] experience when they click on the
[00:50] adventurers just in case and also
[00:52] there's at least one non combat skill
[00:55] that you can train each day it's a
[00:56] members-only event and to be able to
[00:58] actually interact with the event you'll
[01:00] need to have tools which you can get on
[01:01] treasure hunter you get some free for
[01:04] logging in and you can also find water
[01:06] points direct from Egypt so at the end
[01:08] of this the reward is based on your
[01:10] personal progress and the community
[01:12] progress so as you and the community
[01:14] work towards this you'll unlock better
[01:17] and better prizes the main prize is an
[01:19] arm cannon main hand and offhand that
[01:21] looks a lot like virgos arm cannon which
[01:24] is very cool and that will gain levels
[01:26] as you unlock them and you also get an
[01:29] emotive goes with it at this locomote
[01:31] there are also mystery boxes if you can
[01:33] get they contain things like lamps and
[01:35] stars and springs and all that kind of
[01:36] stuff the event where your training the
[01:38] adventurers and building the statues
[01:40] that's 45 days after that the dungeon
[01:42] isn't quite open yet there's a big
[01:44] swirling portal stopping you from
[01:45] entering and that needs to be cleared so
[01:48] you're going to need to use your
[01:49] divination skills to clear that there's
[01:51] no level requirement and once that's
[01:53] been cleared the dungeon will open so
[01:56] players will want to get involved
[01:57] because it's bit of fun the community
[01:59] atmosphere it's great experience and it
[02:02] prepares you for going into the dungeon
[02:03] in less than two weeks is the Easter
[02:06] update first we'll be reactivating the
[02:08] graphics butterflies then we've got a
[02:10] mini quest called sleazy and the
[02:12] Chocolate Factory whereas liske has
[02:14] created a chocolate butterfly that you
[02:17] have to catch and when you catch it you
[02:19] given a ticket to visit his chocolate
[02:20] factory if you go and visit you have the
[02:23] chance of trying some fantastic white
[02:25] chocolate but this is a bit suspicious
[02:28] and so the Easter Bunny wants you to go
[02:30] and helping so that you can find out if
[02:32] it's just as it seems or if there's some
[02:35] shenanigans going on you meet the Easter
[02:38] Bunny in birth or and catch the
[02:40] butterflies once you do catch it you get
[02:42] invited to a tour of slickest Chocolate
[02:45] Factory the goal is for you to reach the
[02:47] end of the tour maybe help save the
[02:50] other people who are there with you
[02:52] because it might just be a cunning ploy
[02:54] by szyskii and you want to get to the
[02:55] bottom of it so the rewards for this
[02:57] year's Easter event are the ability to
[02:59] catch five more butterflies a day as
[03:01] well as an everlasting gobstopper which
[03:04] you can lick as many time as you want
[03:06] and stuff may or may not happen and
[03:08] we've got a fantastic image as well
[03:10] there are absolutely no requirements
[03:13] whatsoever however I recommend a slight
[03:15] love for puzzles and a sense of humor
[03:17] for the Easter event we've attempted to
[03:20] bring the characters to life through the
[03:21] medium of music how do I feel about the
[03:31] Sun I think it's genius is a word that's
[03:34] bandied around a little bit too often
[03:36] but that I can't think of a better way
[03:38] to describe it it's an instant classic
[03:51] boys from the watcher back next week as
[03:54] we take a look behind the scenes of God
[03:57] was too
[04:18] just
[04:29] you