Transcript of RuneScape BTS: RuneScape 3 Interface Alpha Walkthrough

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] BTS - Bonus Edition
Interface Alpha Walkthrough
[00:07] On the day the interface alpha launches we've another bonus behind the scenes for you.
[00:12] This week Mod ThatJim takes you on a full walkthrough of the new interface system.
[00:17] A few weeks ago Mod Zee and I introduced the new interface system with a few screenshots
[00:22] today we're going to be showing a lot more, this is a live demo of the new interface system.
[00:29] The first thing you'll notice is the way we're laying out our content,
[00:31] instead of things being scattered all over the screen like before
[00:34] we're really focused in on different areas for different pieces of information.
[00:38] So navigation is all the way up in the top right hand corner now
[00:41] this enables you to reset your camera, check your run energy,
[00:44] check the world map and also a new addition is the new home teleport
[00:48] so everything's there so you don't have to be looking at different areas of the screen at different times.
[00:53] So the new combat window that we can see at the bottom of the screen at the moment
[00:57] contains all of the ability content that we had before.
[00:59] Now that's coupled with your health, your adrenaline points, your prayer points and your summoning points.
[01:04] So you have all your combat information in one place rather than around the screen.
[01:08] So that gives us a really good overview of the new combat bar
[01:11] but in the bottom left hand corner of the screen you can see the new social bar.
[01:15] This brings together all the different social interactions
[01:17] and gives us a little insight into some of the customization we can do in the system.
[01:22] You can pull out different streams, swap them around, rearrange them on the screen as you see fit
[01:27] and also look at the different stream at the same time. Something you just couldn't do before.
[01:32] So we can bring them all back together again to make one unique social window.
[01:36] Now one of the most interesting changes is to the Sy stones.
[01:39] Now those are gone, what we have now instead is the new menu bar.
[01:44] The menu bar opens up our new management interfaces.
[01:46] These are large colourful interfaces that bring together all of the cool content
[01:50] that we have in Runescape in a much much more friendly way.
[01:53] Here we can see the My Hero page.
[01:55] We have an adventurers log, my skills, my achievements
[01:58] all that different content that used to be spread around the game it's all now unified.
[02:03] Next we have My Gear where your backpack and worn equipment can be found along with all the statistics around your character.
[02:09] Now you might remember the old notice board this has been replaced by My Adventures.
[02:13] What that does is bring all of the old notice board content together in a much much more accessible form.
[02:20] So we have your featured content, my quests, my challenges, my minigames
[02:23] and also my path but you'll see more about that in the future.
[02:26] So next up we have my powers which brings together all of the ability based content within the game,
[02:31] it allows you to put together your action bar where all of the different content is easily accessible.
[02:37] Last thing on the menu bar is my social. My social is still very much a work in progress right now
[02:42] but what that's going to do is bring together all of the different social options,
[02:46] social content and extended social media information.
[02:49] These new larger management interfaces means we can do so much more with the Runescape content in the future
[02:53] and also show our existing content in a much more accessible way.
[02:57] But what if I want to take some of that content with me? What if I want to have it on my HUD?
[03:02] Well that's one of the most exciting things with the new management interfaces.
[03:06] We can take pieces of content from there and place them onto our HUD as we see fit.
[03:10] So we'll go back to my wear and we'll check out my backpack.
[03:14] Now what id I want to pull that out? I can do.
[03:17] I grab the little brown bit at the top and I drag that out and I can pop it onto my interface.
[03:21] Once it's there I can resize it, I can reshape it
[03:25] and with all the content dynamically changing based on the size of your interface it's really really easy.
[03:32] We can also pop back into my gear and grab the worn equipment and pop that onto my interface.
[03:36] Now we've got two and we can play around with those as we see fit.
[03:39] We can move them around, we can tab them into each other,
[03:42] we can swap the tabs, we can have them next to each other.
[03:45] When we drop them onto the interfaces they swap position.
[03:48] Change size all dynamically depending on what space is available to them on the interface .
[03:53] This is just the start of the customization. Once we push esc we get to the new options menu.
[03:58] Now in here with have game settings, log out stuff like that
[04:02] but one of the most important things is the new edit mode.
[04:05] Once in edit mode which is our advanced interface editor we can do some really cool stuff
[04:11] like we can use these advanced options to edit the 3D world. You can move it around, you can resize it.
[04:16] It gives you control over the way you want Runescape to look and feel as you play the game.
[04:22] Next up we have the minigame HUD,
[04:23] so the minigame HUD allows us to look at where some of our minigame content will appear whilst we're playing the game.
[04:29] So we can check out where the fish flingers HUD might appear or castle wars or maybe player owned ports.
[04:33] You can check that stuff out and see where you might want to position it
[04:36] so you might want to have it top left, top right or in the centre like we've got here.
[04:39] The third one on the list is gameplay HUDS.
[04:42] Gameplay HUDS are all the pieces of contextual content that appear whilst you're playing the game
[04:47] so task pop ups, task completions, loot windows, different pieces of status information.
[04:54] Those appear whilst you're playing the game and they're completely customizable for you now as well.
[04:58] The most important of these gameplay HUDs is the game dialogue, this is where you chat with NPCs.
[05:04] Now most of the time it's found in the bottom left as you can see me moving here
[05:07] but you can move it wherever you want and one of the favorite places for us is in the centre helping frame the narrative of the game.
[05:14] I've finished all of my editing I'm happy with my layout now what I can do now is save it as a preset.
[05:19] Once there's a preset I can load it anytime I like.
[05:22] I can quick load it during combat or a skill occasion or I can just change it in edit mode again.
[05:27] Within the presets we have classic mode and it's very similar to the existing fixed window mode
[05:33] so you can play the game as you play it now.
[05:36] We're going to set you up with a bunch of already made presets
[05:38] but you're going to be able to save your own as well.
[05:40] Now those can be for anything general combat, skilling, questing, socializing, PvP, exploring.
[05:46] All of this means you can make Runescape your own.
[05:50] The most exciting thing with all of this is that from today you're going to get to play it as well
[05:54] but we're going to need your feedback.
[05:56] This is something we really haven't done before and this is a real alpha.
[06:00] So get on the forums give us your feedback, your ideas, your creativity
[06:04] so we can evolve this into something that's really special.
[06:07] Thanks for listening.
[06:09] And if you're involved in the alpha you can start testing it out from today!
[06:13] The community's feedback is essential to the new interface,
[06:16] so as you put it through its paces, don't forget to give the guys your feedback.