Transcript of RuneScape Archaeology Skill - What's new?

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] The dig sites are open!
[00:01] So to help you get started, here is Archaeology in one hundred and one seconds.
[00:06] Are you ready?
[00:07] Let's get our hands dirty!
[00:08] Archaeology is a new level 120 skill
[00:11] that will have you digging for materials at five new excavation sites.
[00:14] Head to the Archaeology Guild east of Varrock to get started.
[00:18] Using an upgradeable mattock, you'll look for materials.
[00:22] The more you dig, the quicker the bar above your head fills up
[00:24] and, once full, you'll receive an artefact.
[00:28] It will be damaged, but you can restore it from an archaeologist's workbench.
[00:32] This is where you'll get most of your XP.
[00:35] If you haven't got the material you need, you can keep digging,
[00:38] trade with friends or visit a material cache.
[00:41] Sometimes you'll receive soil too,
[00:43] so make sure to take that to a screening station.
[00:46] Either give your finished artefact to the museum curator for chronotes,
[00:50] to a collector for exclusive rewards,
[00:52] keep hold of it, dissasemble it, or set it free.
[00:55] You'll visit new and mysterious locations on your journey.
[00:58] The once mighty Zarosian fortress of Kharid-Et.
[01:02] The spooky Morytanian lighthouse of Everlight.
[01:05] The fiery chambers of the Infernal Source.
[01:09] The breezy fragmented island realm of Stormguard Citadel.
[01:12] And finally the Bandosian goblin tunnels of the Warforge!
[01:17] And what do you get from all of this?
[01:19] Relics, of course!
[01:21] These are new unlockable buffs that improve a vast selection of gameplay mechanics.
[01:25] There's also Ancient Invention and Ancient Summoning too.
[01:29] And we can't forget to mention the Elite Skilling Outfit with additional perks,
[01:33] the dashing new skillcapes,
[01:35] and the new skilling pet, mummy's boy Archie!
[01:39] There you have it, the Archaeology 101 in one hundred and one seconds.
[01:44] What are you waiting for?
[01:46] Dig deep. War is coming.