Transcript of RuneScape Alan's Super September Challenge Week 3

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Super September
Alan's Challenge
Week 3
[00:07] We're into week 3 of our Super September Challenges but don't worry if you've not got involved yet
[00:11] you've still got plenty of time to get Supered up with your special title and costume.
[00:15] But before we do that there's still the small matter of Alan completing a Super September challenge all of his own in real life, well Essex.
[00:22] So Alan meet Steve O
[00:24] Steve'O spent 4 years in the army, did a tour of Afghanistan and runs this gruelling assault course.
[00:30] Easy
[00:31] It's his job to put alan through his paces and to help him complete the super September challenge of Running an assault course inappropriately dressed.
[00:39] To keep himself warm, Alan chose the hat and gloved wonder that is the mime costume
[00:43] Right, Alan, I've been told to take you round the assault course and make you throw up are you happy?
[00:47] OK, we're going to start with a couple of excercises.
[00:50] Lower, raise, lower, raise. Keep it low
[00:53] Lift it
[00:55] Push it
[00:56] Up
[00:57] Down
[00:57] He made short work of the high wall, had to hold Steve'Os hand to complete the slippery pole.
[01:03] And probably due to not wearing his regulation mime gloves, fell at the final hurdle.
[01:09] Alan wanted a second go at it so after kicking him through a fancy dress shop, we sent him out again.
[01:13] Lets you go (beep) fairy.
[01:15] With his wings helping him, he flew over the wall like an angel.
[01:20] That's it straight over the 12 foot wall let's go
[01:24] Come on you (beep)
[01:30] Majestically soared over the rope course
[01:32] And glided through the tunnel
[01:36] That's it come on keep pulling
[01:41] Lets go, it's easy, lets go!
[01:44] Before losing his grip, his hair ... and his dignity
[01:51] Alan still had a lap of the course left in him so after quick change we watched him hit a wall with his face.
[01:56] That's it, put your belly into it.
[01:59] break a camera
[02:02] and nearly fall to his festive death
[02:06] Lean forward, lean forward.
[02:09] All before giving up inside the chimney simulator
[02:13] So, a fail for Alan in challenge number 3.
[02:15] But as we go into the final week of Super September, Alan has the chance to redeem himself as he attempts an evening challenges in a live stream.
[02:23] To see the man in action, join him on Monday 23rd September at 7pm GMT.