Transcript of RuneScape Alan's Super September Challenge Week 2

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Super September
Alan's Challenge - Week 2
[00:07] So for Alan's second super September challenge, he's decided to go for "There's always a bigger fish",
[00:12] because he figured that it means that he'll be able to spend the day sitting by the lake doing a bit of fishing.
[00:16] That's going to make a very long and probably very boring video,
[00:19] so we decided we're going to make him throw up again instead.
[00:21] So I guess we won't be needing this.
[00:29] So here's our lake.
[00:32] Here's our water.
[00:36] Add some fish.
[00:37] It really does stink.
[00:44] And then of course we need the bigger fish.
[00:46] "I love you Alan!"
[00:47] Ok, bigger fish.
[00:49] So that means we just need an Alan.
[00:52] Here's our Alan. Alan, how are you doing?
[00:54] Uhm, yea was better.
[00:56] Ok. So your super September challenge was "There's always a bigger fish".
[00:59] There is a bigger fish in here, all you have to do is get in there and pluck it out.
[01:03] With your face, ok, that's very important.
[01:06] So I've got a couple of bits here to make it not so grim.
[01:10] All good? Oh, sorry.
[01:12] Could be better!
[01:13] -Ok so you look ready Alan.
-Define ready.
[01:15] Yup good one, ok so let's just give it a little stir.
[01:20] Oh my god the smell coming off that is pretty grim.
[01:24] Ok...
[01:26] 3-2-1 find the biggest fish!
[01:38] That's possibly the most disgusting...
[01:40] My face smells like the sea!
[01:42] That's probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
[01:49] -That's not the biggest fish.
-That looks like brain!
[01:54] It's in my ear!
[02:06] Ok I'm going to give you some support here Alan, I'm going to give you some support, there you go.
[02:14] -Oh my god! Oh my god!
[02:16] -That IS the biggest fish! That is the biggest fish!
-Like a boss!
[02:22] My god Alan I have a new found respect and loathing for you all at the same time, congratulations, well done.
[02:27] -Well done Alan.
-That's the story of my life.
[02:29] You did indeed manage to catch the biggest fish, ok!
[02:32] Right, has anyone got any scissors?
[02:34] Scissors? Anyone got any scissors?
[02:35] -No?