Transcript of RuneScape Alan's Super September Challenge Week 1

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Super September
Alan's Challenge
Week 1
[00:07] Hey I'm Alan, and on Friday I was set the challenge of doing four of this month's super September challenges.
[00:13] It was decided I should probably either train fifteen skills in one day or eat fifty bananas.
[00:18] I'm pretty untalented, so I decided to go for this one.
[00:21] Don't even like bananas.
[00:23] Come on Alan!
[00:36] One down, It's going to be a long day.
[00:41] One for mummy, one for daddy....
[00:51] Six, Seven and number eight
[01:03] I feel like a maniac
[01:04] So this is number 11 and number 12, bon appétit.
[01:12] Eat it!
[01:16] I'm just about to try and do these nine in one go, so that will get me up to the half way point.
[01:27] I feel like death. Give me a moment.
[01:39] Not going to lie, just been a little bit sick.
[01:42] This is twenty six
[01:43] Twenty eight
[01:45] Come on Steve
[01:48] Banana number 30
[01:53] Bite
[01:55] This one is really hard.
[01:56] Let's liquidise some. Errrrrrr.
[02:04] Can't get enough bananas
[02:06] Alan? Where's Alan?
[02:16] This is number forty five, it's getting a bit late, so I'm going to munch down the last ones on my way home. See you tomorrow.
[02:24] This is now Alan cam. I've had to leave work so I'm going to do the last few using my phone.
[02:31] Just waiting for my train home, so let's eat one while I'm waiting.
[02:36] Four to go
[02:46] Just one more to go.
[02:50] Number 50.
[02:56] So that's my first Super September challenge complete - eat 50 bananas in one day.
[03:01] There's going to be three more throughout September so tune in next week for number two.